What’s up everyone? Welcome to Skool Haze, my blog where I document the next couple of years of my life as I transition from Boreston, Massachusetts to New York City.

Why the hell is that important? Well… A lot is going to happen in the next couple of years for me. I’ll be joining the New York City Teaching Fellows (NYCTF) program as a Special Education Fellow. Being a teacher is something I’ve wanted to do for the past 3 years or so. I feel like this will be an amazing opportunity for me to grow professionally, and to be able to give back the best way I know how. IN YOUR FACE H@E! *BAM* I currently do youth development and policy work for YouthBuild USA, an alternative education organization that helps young adults ages 16 – 24 return to school to get their GEDs/high school diplomas and build them up into positive role models for their communities.

In the midst of the move and teaching at a public school in the Big Apple, I’ll be working toward my Masters of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in Special Education. Oddly enough I can’t really gauge if I’m nervous, excited, or feeling a little bit of both with this move.

One of the resources that helped me when I first started thinking about applying for this program was a blog I found from a former NYCTF member, I’m a Cohort 14 NYC Teaching Fellow.

The blog follows Fourteen’s (I don’t think he ever gives his name) experience’s throughout his first year teaching in Brooklyn from the perspective of a young black male. Perhaps it’s because we’re both 20 something black males, but I immediately connected with Fourteen’s feelings and experiences that gave him joy and pain throughout his teaching experience.

Unfortunately the blog has been silent since May of 2009, but who is to say that I can’t pick up where my man Fourteen left off!? Nobody that’s who! So my plan is to document my experience in this great city. If my thoughts and experiences can help others find clarity in their own lives, then all of this was worth it.

So stick around for the ride, enjoy my awkwardness, and drop me a comment when you read something you hate or love!

– Peace –


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