NYSTCE: Test advice

The other post was getting crazy long so i figured I should separate the day from the test. To find out more about the day I had go here –>>Clash of the Titans: Examination Day <<–

The test itself was pretty easy. It took me about 2 hours not including my constant space outs and a quick 5 minute bathroom break. One suggestion I would give people is to go directly to the written response section at the beginning of your exam. There is no strict order to how you need to take the exam. I read the argument and made sure to jot down a quick outline of my response. (This whole process took me maybe 5 minutes). Oh I also read all of the instructions too. That maybe took 10 minutes because it was so boring that I kept spacing out. But That is where I found out how to skip around on the test.

I then went back and answered the 80 multiple choice questions. I guess this took me about an hour and a half. I made sure to give my mind a rest every 15 minutes or so. Being by the window I could still hear the sounds on the street. I would focus on those and just clear my mind when I felt necessary. 4 hours is a lot of time, and I knew that I rushing would only increase my risk of making a mistake. Once it was time to argue my case I think my brain had had enough time to process the best way to support my argument with real and timely facts.  By the way. – my topic was something along the lines of “Should reporters be allowed to assume fake identities to research their stories?” I agreed that they should as long as the general public supported the actions, and felt that the need far outweighed the inconvenience, or invasion of privacy. I also tried to make it clear that public support was very subjective, so that must be kept in mind. I couldn’t think of any huge political examples to share. However, I did think of “How to Catch A Predator” and thought that it was actually a more universally understandable example to use. I mean, if I was a parent you’re damn right I want to know if this is going on in my community, because if it is then I need to start putting some barriers into place to protect my children! I mean come on….. what is the rebuttal to this example!? #POW!

Anywho, I do wonder how the review board will take my use of what may be a risque BUT, very real source to support my argument. At the end of the day I made my testing experience fun. Which helped keep me calm, and focused for the most part. We’ll see what my score looks like.

Study resources I used:

Barron’s NYSTCE: Last ATS-W CST [Paperback]

(I ripped the pages out of the book and stapled them together in small 20 page packets. It helped me study because I could bring the packets with me without having the hassle of bringing the whole book.)

I also used the study guides that NYCTF provides on their webpage.

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