Planning on the Fly… 1

I was bummed out the entire day today because I didnt get a chance to finish a project due today for my Curriculum Class. The weird thing is I actually had a pretty solid day. I got to finish some IEP’s with our IEP trainer. (Those things are a dumb amount of work so please get ready for that). I put together a dope ass model invitation for my technology class. And, I held down my Technology class today on my own, my co-teacher was out sick. They came ready to be sloppy, and I came ready to not have it today! LoL. I stayed after to help students fix their grades before we close out the first Trimester on Friday. Then had a pretty nice spontaneous Dinner at BBQ’s with another Fellow in my cohort who got hired today. I finally arrived at my grad class around 630, talked to my professor, and she basically said, “Chill the fuck out, and get me my work when you can.” I would love to write more, but I have some Just Words ppt slides to make.

Anywho, I made this flier, along with a lesson and feedback graphic organizer during my 2nd and 3rd planning periods. My homegirl Erika really is coming into town this weekend to celebrate my frat brother’s birthday, and I think she’s going to be able to sit in on my Just Words class this Friday. I’m excited to finally bring a friend into one of my classrooms. I told my students on Monday that she was coming. She happens to be a School Counselor in suburban Indianapolis, close to where I went to college. We’ve talked about collabing (sp) on projects a while ago. This will be our first chance to see what each other has. Since she was on my brain… I featured her in today’s assignment.

Let me get this work done so I can get my 4 hours of sleep 😉

Peace Y’all,

– SkoolHaze –

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