Gargantuan Wipe-Board


I absolutely should not be laying down right now. I have a million things to get done this weekend. And I convinced myself for the 4th weekend in a row that this was going to be the time I get my shit together and catch up to life.

Picture it, I’m in a sprint for my life. Life has pushed a solid 20 meters ahead of me. I’m holding on to a steady pace, but graining absolutely zero ground. I’m at the pivotal point in the race where I see I’m giving maximum effort and it’s just not catching up to this kat out in front of me. No matter how much I open up my stride, switch my breathing technique, pump my arms, flex my ankles, play the curves, or copy his stride pattern in the hopes of slowly eating up ground until I can get in close enough contact to kick for the end of the race.

So little energy, yet so much to do/accomplish. I’m hoping I can get all of these stuff done this weekend. I’ll check back in later to ive you an update.

Obviously I’m the American Women, and life is the genetically engineered Soviet Cyborg.

The To Do List Reads:

  1. NYC Clothes Donation

  2. Chicago Volunteering

  3. Floor (Clean that shit, its been dirty forever)

  4. 856 Cognitive Strategy (Grad School assignment I agreed to revise to get a better grade. I was light weight furious at receiving an 8 out of 10 early in the semester)

  5. Off and Running (Documentary Review and Worksheet creation)

  6. IEP’s (1 and 2 months late)

  7. Conventions (English Assignment to test students knowledge and understanding fo correct apostrophe usage)

  8. iZone (School Development Committee) Response Questions and Reflect Assignment for classrooms

  9. Create Character Map Activity (Grad School Assignment, and hopeful grading opportunity to test students understanding of House on Mango Street stories)

  10. Take out the trash in my room that’s been growing for about 3 weeks

  11. BLOG (If I didn’t write it on there I knew I wouldn’t even think about making time for it)

  12. 885C Reflection Activity (mysterious course reflection involving review, analysis, and critique of my semester in graduate school, and progress as a teacher.)

  13. Student Raffle Ticket Christmas presents (We were supposed to have a raffle in my Just Words class, little did anyone know we all would be broken up come the second trimester. We decided that 3 gift cards for 15 each would be the prizes. I’ve decide to get the whole class 10$ gift cards)

  14. 856 Performance Based Assessment (another grad school assignment that I need to think about, begin, and complete)

  15. 856 Curriculum Unit (ditto)

  16. DIG/IT Grading Chart (Classwide, and Student Specific assignment completion charts)

  17. Respond to a million (Emails)

  18. 8 Student’s names that I feel I should check in with next week. 

*All of this, give or take the grad assignments, should be done by the beginning of the school day on Monday. Let’s see how far I get.*

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