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I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has ever stopped by Skool Haze. Its been so fun creating and maintaing this space to share my journey. I’ve started many blogs and websites in the past, but nothing that ever meant as much as Skool Haze does to me. I’ve kept with it and watch it grow from nothing into a little baby something, LoL.

Thank you if you’ve ever read a post, disagreed with a post, thought I was crazy, thought I was kinda dope, wondered why I was so weird, wondered how I grew up to be so unique, shared this link with a friend, marked my emails as spam… Whatever you’ve done you’ve played a part in this getting here. It always catches me off guard when someone in my real life mentions Skool Haze to me. I don’t speak of the site or my projects much in my work/school life. I have a bit of a modesty complex. None the less, thank you all. Hopefully the space has been a place where you can learn about me, and maybe think about your own work as well. Special shouts to Kat, Tim, Jahaira, Alix, Alicia, and Toya.

I’ve become obsessed with my WordPress stats. I was going for a little battle with myself in February/March to get as many viewers as possible. I fell off a bit in April, but the month isn’t over yet, and I may have a few tricks up my sleeve for some new content soon.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.08.57 PM

stay inspired – stay positive – stay tuned

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