The Purge – Credits

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The Purge – Credit

The Purge, was really a random project that came about as I finally began my much needed Christmas Vacation. It was the first time I’ve had to reflect in a while. In retrospect, I’ve had an amazing 2013. The Purge was my way of bringing all of the things that I experienced this (that) year to a close. And that wouldn’t be complete without thanking everyone who hasn’t been thanked before.

Family – Thank you for baking me in the oven that was your love and guidance. I’m forever yours no matter where I rest my head.

Viewers and Readers – Thank you. It would be more awkward than it already is if I was writing this and it still only reached my eyes. Thank you for returning when you do and sharing when you must. I was feeling myself and decide to plan an interesting 2014 for us – hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Inspirations/Guides – ET Thomas: Mobile Inspiration, first preacher I’ve listened to, and Jullien Gordon, The Innerviewer/SideHustla/New Year Goal Planner. Thank you both for being amazing inspirations to me. You preach excellence and practice it everyday. I’m grateful to even be able to learn from your teachings. (Word to the wise – I save their YouTube videos as audio and pump it into your ears in the mornings and during workouts.)

YouthBuild Crew – To my homies back at YouthBuild. Thank you for supporting everything I breathe on. You guys are truly the best to every do it.


Frat – Zeta Rho (ZPDC) and more specifically my line brothers from S.U.P.R.E.M.A.C.Y. Thank y’all for just making me who I am, and supporting me no matter what. I gain so much confidence in myself because of what we’ve been through. And it gives me so much pride to know that y’all still inspire me 9 years into the game. I love yall.

Roommates – New and old. Thank you for putting me out, taking me in, sharing laughs, and a few screams, cleaning up after me, putting up with my mad scientistness, marveling at my diet or lack there of, and just giving me the space to live this crazy journey.

Professors – Thank you for letting me go crazy with my assignments. Thank you for opening up your office hours when I bust in like I know everything. Thank you for offering alternatives when I get mad and threaten mutiny, thank you for pushing the rigor this year, and thank you for mentoring me in your offices when I know time is tight.

Fellow New York City Teaching Fellows – Thank you for letting me learn from you this year, sharing those difficult to share ideas and thoughts, listening to my input, and thinking I dress well. Most of all thank you for doing what you do everyday. A lot of times I don’t know where I find the energy to keep going. But it always helps when I remember that y’all are finding the energy each day yourselves and making it happen no matter where we vary.

Coaches/Co-Teachers/Co-Workers/ – Thank you to everyone on our amazing staff. It’s way too difficult for me to express the gratitude that is truly deserved to you guys. What we do is hard… but I honestly can’t see myself doing it with a more capable and well put together staff. Thank you for doing you so well that it allows me to do me!

NYC – Thank you for being this place of abundant energy. You feed my dreams of crazy and pump me full of your never-ending force that I pull from your streets even at 3:50am. I often walk home in awe that I’m here. Thank you for delivering the exponential growth you promised.

Black Scholars – Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Ivory Toldson – Thank you for being there and offering scholarly advice to this random self-dubbed academic in random Brooklyn that hits you up at 3am on facebook. I appreciate your knowledge and am grateful for the contributions you’re making to the national conversations about Black and Brown communities. No matter where I fall in this continuum – I hope to be as accessible to those who seek my knowledge as you all have been with me. Dr. Juwanza Kunjufu – thank you for being a stellar Black Education Scholar. Your wisdom is abundant and overlooked. But I love the intimate connection it gives the people who know your work.


Art of War Team – WE DID IT Y’all!! Because of y’all we were able to have our first event and raise over $3,000 for the Creative Dreamer scholarship. We are a community of givers and carers and that is truly a beautiful blessing to bask in. The People are pleased!

Peers – Jerrell, Jeshaune, Aaron, Brandon, Hosbey, Carlos, Jamar, Seye, James, Seven – some of y’all may know me. Some of yall may not. Your passion and creativity for what you do gives me no excuses to not put the same passion and effort into what I try to do. Thank you for being examples of intelligence, integrity, hard work, and ingenuity that we can all follow. *Respect*

Up n Comings – Sean, Sean, Lloyd, Maurice, Derrick, Antoine, etc – Keep doing your thing! It makes me so happy to see and hear about you guys in your element. Here is to continued success and to more partnerships in the future!

Paulie – Thank you for being my gratitude accountability partner. You jumped on board out the blue, and hold me to it even when I lapse. With your help I was able to finish 2013 feeling strong, and more appreciative for my encounters and accomplishments.

Mishara – Thank you for being the beautiful educated sistah I turn to when I need book advice, or just to learn from. I’m so glad I get to learn from your intelligence and grace each day >pressure< When are you guesting!? >pressure<

Students – Thank you for being the mirror in which I’m able to gauge my own growth. I love you all and hope that one day you’ll be able to read this and see a side of your teacher that I’ve never been able to share. My hope is that this helps me become a better me to help you become the best you’s.

Paladin – Thank you for being crazily determined. This was never in the plan, but you’re making it into what it wants to be, and for that I commend you. Always remember why you started this.

2014 is upon us, which means it is upon us to do it better than we’ve ever done it before. – Paladin 2013




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