Its been difficult to document…

You know I’m not really sure why the blogs stopped. Its been a whirlwind of a year. Its actually kind of frustrating because so much has happened I don’t even know where to start in sharing and documenting this for you all.

But maybe that is where – documentation. See over the year I’ve had to shift my focus from documentation to implementation, integration, and interaction. At the end of my 2nd school year. I had many questions about teaching, specifically in my school and under a leadership that I thought wasn’t valuing the unique skills I contributed to the field. I was a new teacher, but I felt like I was a strong member of the collective school team. Yet, wasn’t being seen or acknowledged as so.

I’m thankful for whichever of my previous experiences have lended me my risk-taking spirit. Long story short, I ran for and was elected our union chapter leader in our school building. Part of the reasoning for this was to force myself to have to figure out some problem solving skills with my administration and school building staff.

Needless to say the task was probably the most difficult work I’ve ever done. The hardest part being that I felt like I was dealing with people’s livlihoods. And that in turn, made me feel less comfortable to write and share my thoughts about my work. At least here with you. I have countless, drafted, edited, and styled posts. But none of them seem important anymore. I don’t even know what is important. My perception of my role and the true scope of this work is just so different now this year than it was last.

I’m remembering the initial goal of this space. It was to document. Now that I can again, I will aim to grow this into a meaningful resource for those of us in need.

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