I’m An Alpha – And I aint censoring my roar!

I’m An Alpha – And I aint censoring my roar!

I know some amazing Black women. A quick roll-call of the average Black women in my life would turn up an interesting combination of scientists, scholars, hustlers, and queens. The other day, my friend, and low key spiritual messenger dropped a gem on her facebook. I begged a little and got permission to share the gem with you all.

By – Alpha Woman Mishara

Lesson I Reflected on Today: I am an alpha woman. I was raised by an alpha woman and alpha god-mothers and alpha aunts. My closest female friendships that endure the tests of time, are always alpha women. I am attracted to alpha men, who recognize the power it takes to be vulnerable. I am attracted to alpha men who are attracted to alpha women. Women who are like lions.

It is important that alphas guard against the easy slide into arrogance/ self-importance and show complete respect for the power of betas. Power that we can learn from. It is important that we guard against unintentionally dominating every situation and taking up WAY too much space. But, it is also equally important for our emotional health that we do not try to stuff our lion’s manes into a ponytail holder and pretend to be bears or other species we are not. All creatures deserve to be [as they are].

Some men and women become resentful, when they cannot “break” the lioness. Some women and men are most comfortable with women who apologize for their existence, try to make their presence smaller and apologize for taking up any time. I am not that woman.

As I continue to practice humility and appreciate the lioness I am, I have to remember a woman who loves herself is sometimes a scary creature for us all. Because she unknowingly becomes the mirror with which we examine ourselves.

Stop conforming to make yourself, your existence, and really, your people seem more appetizing to those that could care less. Stop holding yourself back from your true being. Actually my bad, I forgot I’m trying to write and speak in the positive…

You do not have to conform yourself or hold yourself back to find peace and comfort in this world. Peace and comfort come from being your full self. Peace, comfort, and glory come from allowing your full exoticity flow through through the breeze of life. Can you imagine a lion walking into the plains with its mane pull uncomfrotably back just to make the others less aware of the space it was born to take? Why do we feel so comfortable diluting ourselves so that others, that don’t care about us, can be bother-free?

To my peers, know that we are all learning to understand and manifest our full potential and glory on this Earth. Know that I see you, and hope for the day that you spread your full wings and really set this world ablaze with your brilliance and spark. We’re waiting bro. We’re waiting sis. Be you, and do you. To the fullest. That’s really all we have on this Earth.
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Thank you Mishara. I always love following your Light!