“Making Win-Win Situations Blog Everyday in August – Day 6 of 31” on YouTube

How do you share whats hard? And push for win-win situations?
BEDA Day 6 of 31

^^ Watch the vid 1st ^^

I got distracted on the road.

I left off at the good part.

Waking up, i was thinking win – win with my partner. I felt compelled to leave things on a win-win note. I reached out to my now ex-partner and at least tried to present a scenario where we both could win without neccesarily needing to break up.

Im a work in progress. We’re a work in progress. So we appreciate all positive energy as we try to navigate some rough terrain.

Today’s lesson, or maybe this wknd’s is about sharing all the parts not just the glitzy and the glamorous.

What are your thoughts or sharing the hard stuff? I can tell yall – ive had reservations about sharing much of anything about my partner(s) in the past.

And what about pushing for win-win situations? Any helpful experiences you can share?


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