7 Tips to Knockout Your 1st Photoshoot – BEDA Day 19 of 31

7 Tips to Knockout Your

1st Photoshoot

BEDA Day 19 of 31


I was nervous y’all. Growing up I’ve never considered myself photogenic. Ever. I’ve pretty much hated every picture I’ve taken until I was about 28. However, I know that I would have to eventually get over that if I was ever going to be as successful and public as I dreamed I can be. I’m good with a good selfie… because normally I can give you a good goofy face or something dumb to hide my camera awkwardity.

Well I couldn’t do that today. Today was my photoshoot. My day to document my image, to create my packaging really. Again, another investment. This one was roughly $150 with a photographer that I’ve worked with before. The test shots that I saw came out AMAZING! Like far better than I ever could have imagined.

I didn’t do much to prepare… I mean I did tell a handful of people about the photoshoot. I think that helped calm my nerves a little bit. Normally I can keep some things too tight lipped and it builds my stress around completing successfully or not. The few things I did to prepare were –

1: Plan – I wrote my plan down. Nothing too crazy. But I had scenes/locations, outfits, and props. I also had a pretty decent idea of the type of pictures I wanted to have in the outcome. Meaning how my body would be positioned in them, and where I would use them once they were done. This helped me during the shoot make sure I was giving what I knew I wanted in the end. (Does that make sense?)


2. Scout – I mentioned in the video here that I was scouting for my photoshoot. Same time of day before the shoot. This was key. My locations were going to be JAM PACKED. Like I didn’t really think about how crowded DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN would be at NOON on a weekday. But, seeing that that scene didn’t work, I was able to make some location edits and it turned out so much better.

Alright, once I was sure about my wardrobe and locations, I had to get sure about what the hell I was going to do in front of the camera. Youtube is our friends, and using my Knowledge Hacking theory, I found a couple videos to help give me something to hold on to while I was infront of the camera.

3. Research Moves, Looks, and Poses – It may sound overly scientific… I don’t mean for it to. But like I said I’m not the person who likes to be infront of the camera. I normally RUSH to be behind the camera, and then feel crunchy later on when I’m not in any of the pics. I needed to have some ideas of what to do infront of the camera. A quick google search showed me taking good pictures is an artform, and pieces of it can be learned and used for our own benefit if we try.

Watch your Eyes! 

Aren’t we all pretty sure that Peter Columbused Tyra Banks – Smize (Smiling with your eyes). My years of America’s Next Top Model school taught me that. I’ll give it to Peter that he explained it better though. Years of hearing Tyra didn’t hold a flame to 15 minutes with Peter.

Watch Your Jaw!

I also really tried to pay attention to my jaw. This was another great video. Again. I watched it the night before…. Nothing super duper crazy.

5. Review a portfolio of reference – I just so happened to check Instagram on my way to location. It was great. I was able to study some poses and grab some confidence from InkedApe to help bolster up my own. Find a profile you like and study their moves and looks shortly before. It’ll pay to mimic them once you’re on.


6. Bring a music/portable speaker – I felt really weird at first. Motioning and doing stuff in front of this guy in a completely silent room. Once I turned my music on on my phone. Everything changed. I instantly felt so much more comfortable. Talking to myself, being free, trying to connect with the camera.

7. Talk to your photographer – I tried to be as transparent as possible with my photographer. I let him know what I wanted the pictures to be used for, I talked to him about my nerves, I talked to him about his business and his own goals. I tried to be as relaxed and open as possible.

Hopefully these tips helped. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to take the next step with your own businesses and projects to do some professional photography? It was overwhelming, but I also was getting so inspired while I was taking the pictures. I knew they would allow me to grow so much more.


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