Create Your Own Good Thing Jar – BEDA Day 22 of 31

Create Your Own Good Thing Jar –

BEDA Day 22 of 31


If you’re looking to change the energy that flows through your day I would recommend you get a Good Thing Jar. What is a Good Thing Jar? Well besides the fact that its something that does not have a catchy name, it is a place, a process, and a purpose that will create positive energy in your life.

Good Thing Jar - Skoolhaze.comThe good thing jar works because it forces you to think of spaces in your life that are going well. It made me think of spaces where I was gracious in my life. It also helped me see that there’s sooooo much bounty in my life. As you see in the video. I have a huge jar of maybe 100 or so good things (rough estimate) and I have fallen off hard on even contributing to my jar.

The good thing jar at times this year has been something that I’ve really looked forward to getting home and filling up with the amazing moments that have happened for me, with me, or even to people I know and care about this year.

Its super easy to get started. All you need is a receptacle, preferably with a lid.

You start by just making a quick note of thanks, of appreciation, of whatever YOU want, and put it in your jar.

Take note as your jar and your blessings grow throughout the year. I know i’m sharing the message with you late. But its honestly never too late to start. I haven’t placed anything in my jar in at least over a month. I”m so happy that today I get to add a new note talking about how grateful I am to even be in a space to share with you guys my Good Thing Jar.

I’ll leave you with what my jar used to look like back when it was just a mason jar.


Are you willing to start a Good Thing Jar? I definitely need to get back on it. And am so happy to start today. I know I’m going to be blown away when I finally sit down and get to read all the greatness I was able to be a part of this year.

Be easy y’all!


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