Building My Black Confidence – BEDA Day 23 of 31

Building My Black Confidence –  

BEDA Day 23 of 31



I’m make today quick and easy. is on its way yo!!!! (try it if you want to. Its just gonna direct you right back here for now, LoL)

I’ve gotten the pictures back from my recent photoshoot. Man, I don’t even know who this dude in these pictures is! WHO IS THIS GUY!? If y’all ever even knew how much I’ve loathed taking pictures forever.

He ain’t me. Ot at least he wasn’t, had you asked me….. definitely two years ago. (In my head, I’ve been on a journey to confidence for the past two years) Again, y’all thought I was playin when I was tryna give you some tips for your photoshoots. Y’all better check my post out! 7 Tips to Knockout Your 1st Photoshoot.  Get into my Squinch!!! Get into my Smize!!! Get into my chin-work!


No bur seriously… This wouldn’t have been possible just a handful of years ago. It didn’t even seem possible three months ago. As some of y’all have seen. I didn’t even have a suit… not even a week ago. I was chillin so hard in my comfort zone. Which was not putting myself out there. Eventually I’ll load these pictures into my website skeleton, and I guess now I have a GREAT picture for my barren LinkedIn and business cards.


Can I keep it real with y’all though? I’ve battled self-confidence issues forever. Not really with how I looked. I mean I’ve been fine with how I’ve looked prettyyyyy much forever. I mean we all have our days. But photogenically, especially in high school and college. I hated pictures. I just never felt like what was in the camera was what I thought I saw in the mirror. I would critique everything about myself. I wouldn’t have fun. I couldn’t let myself let loose. It has at times seeped into how I’ve felt about myself. How I present myself in public. The heir of confidence I’m able to permeate from my skin whenever I walk into a new room.

Typing this, it sounds arrogant. But if y’all knew the journey that I’ve been through you would know it didn’t come from that source. I’m so happy to be able to experience myself grow. Throughout life I don’t think I would ever have said that I didn’t love myself. But can I tell you how happy I am to see in my face, and in my presentation from these pictures just how much I’m learning TO love myself more and more each day.


I don’t really have anything profound to say. I’m just happy right now. Happy that I worked with my boy Nate. Happy that I’m investing in myself. Happy to see how even through the mistakes the investments always pay off.

Actually, I take that back. Aiming to be profound… what is it that you’ve been scared to do, that you know if you DID do it, it would not only make you proud of yourself, but also move you in step(s) closer to reaching your dreams? I know this is just a photoshoot to some. But its such great documentation of the growth I’m pushing for in my life.

I love y’all all.




If you’re in NYC/NJ and you want some pictures taken I def have to recommend my bro Nathaniel Brown from NKTBrown Photography. He hooked it ALL the way up. Check him out and show him some love. He’s good at what he does. Tell him Paladin sent you! And again. I already told y’all the secret to great pictures with him.


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BEDA = Blog Every Day in August

3 thoughts on “Building My Black Confidence – BEDA Day 23 of 31”

  1. I think that one of our essential challenges in life is self discovery and the appreciation of the gifts we have to offer. It’s a journey, but one that is vital as it lets us fulfill our purposes here. I’m learning the value of showing up as myself more and more. The pics turned out great! Keep at it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kwesi!
      You’re so right, I thought that I had already discovered myself. But I keep finding higher and higher places that I can go. Hit my boy Nathaniel up if you ever need any pics. He KILLED it and reasonable prices.

      Liked by 1 person

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