We Made it – BEDA Day 31 of 31

Blog Everyday in August We Made it –

BEDA Day 31 of 31


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Its been a long month. Quick time of reflection…

I’ve completed a lot.

… launched a website

… filled to incorporate my business

… turned 31 years of age

… attended two personal discovery workshops

… created over 100 powerful relationships with new members of my network

… created and printed business cards

… struggled through challenges with my partner, and here

... redefined my relationships with my friends and family

… declared to produce a wellness conference in December 2016

… declared that I will have my own living space within the next 365 days

… declared that I will make an additional $3,000 income each month

… received the results from my first photoshoot, oh and here too.

… learned how to not dampen my brilliance

… agreed to support with 3 wellness workshops next month (How to develop you Nonprofit & 501c3, How to develop a video coaching platform for your business, and a Lifetime Fitness and Health Goal Workshop)

… and now blogged everyday

… and I’m actually rushing THIS post because my biz partner and I need to go follow up on an invoice we put in about 3 months ago worth 4-figure invoice we submitted for some transformation work we completed with a client.

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The point of this month was to STRETCHHHHHH myself. I believe I’ve completed that hands down. I’m claiming a new life of bold declarations for my life! I hope you all have enjoyed the BEDA  posts. I’ve used it as a tool to get me back into the game here. Thank you for your support.

This is ONLY a glimpse at whats in store. I hope you are inspired to challenge yourself to see how you can distribute your brilliance around the world. Corny, but I’m being honest!



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BEDA = Blog Every Day in August

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