Podcast 3: Pushing Past Our Limits with Smoke Signals

Podcast 3: Pushing Past Our Limits with Smoke Signals


I miss you all. Work has been cray. Always so much I want to share, but never quite feeling like I’m sharing and creating enough. Here is a quick podcast I made while waiting for the barber. I have a couple of great opportunities coming up this weekend that fell out of the sky. Listen and leave your feedback below.


0:00 – 4:50 – Pushing past our limits: When was the last time you PUSHED THROUGH your surface level obstacles so that you could experience the joy of designing and creating your highest life.

4:50 – 6:34 – Sending smoke signals: You never know what can come from them.

6:34 – 8:53 – Staying humble: Wanting to unleash my creativity, But also respecting that I don’t know everything.


What do y’all think about Staying Humble… even when you know you’re lining things up to KILL IT!? I would love to hear your comments below.


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