Figuring Out Your Business Fuel


A product, that customers return to you for reliably. You’re considered area of expertise. This product creates revenue and income for you. This fuel can be used to power product/value creation, and other auxiliary processes.

For me, a piece of business fuel is training. Personal training is a piece of the fuel I use to power my operations. What stands out to me is that this was externally identified at first. Friends ALWAYS would ask me about fitness advice, and to train them. For year I was reluctant. Thankfully I finally allowed it to come to my awareness. And now I have cultivated the perceived value and fuel into real value and fuel. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, or where I’m going. I have people who see/know me and ask me to provide them with true value.

Turning this into high yield fuel has required refining me production and delivery process. Some ways I have done this is through personal training certification, nutrition and calisthenic extensions, creating customer profiles, reading various books and manuals, research up to date and archived training methods, planning personal and instructional training programs, personal experimentation, competitive engagements, and authoring new works in the field.  All of this is added onto my already over 20 years over experience. When I take a step back, I can see why this particular type of product can be considered a piece of business fuel for my unique business concept.

Fitness is not my purpose! It is not my calling! No matter how much people try to make it so for me. It is not the major point of my life story. It is a piece of the larger puzzle. My purpose and goal is to educate and activate YOU to be YOUR best, most confident self. This is the purpose of EDGE-ucational Media Company. We aim to take the training fuel, and use it to build the business of helping you create your dreams!

Reflection Questions:

  • What is your business fuel? Create a list of items/products/services that show up as fuel for you.
  • What thing(s) do people always ask for from you?
  • Is this monetizeable? Are you monetizing? Why/ Why not?
  • Is this a space where you could realistically change your life, and the lives of others? Are you using this opportunity to have an impact? Why/Why Not?

Share your comments below! What is your business fuel? How are you using it to power your overall operations?

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