TOOL: How to turn your purpose into your business entity!


Whats up! We’ve been sitting on this framework for a few days now. Sometimes we know that we have a purpose or passion project. But we don’t quite know what form it should take.

We drafted a rudimentary (quick) framework to help you get started with your entity’s creation.

We don’t have a fancy name for it yet. But we think it will help you get enough clarity to help move you forward. with your process.

We’ve included a video tutorial, with a complete walkthrough of the framework, click more to gain access to that.

Here are some questions to think about along the way:

  • What is my purpose? What do I believe it to be so far in life?
  • What do I want it to be?
  • What category did you fall into? Business, Arts & Entertainment, Non Profits and Services?
  • Were you surprised or reassured with your category?
  • Business: What do you believe is your value?
  • Arts & Entertainment: What is your vision?
  • Non Profit & Services: What impact are you looking to have?
  • What can you create?
  • Have you defined a wide pool of self-pleasing research?
  • Where do this research suggest you should experiment within your own practice?
  • When you sit back and reflect, in silence, what do you think? Where can you refine and improve?
  • What is the product of this focused practice?
  • What is next?

Use this to get some clarity about your creation. Again, we here at My Edge Media are creating tools to help leaders like you change the world!

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