Behind the scenes: Schedule of a spectacular day!


I’ve had such a powerful day! I have one more thing to do on my to do list to really knock today out of the park. But before I do that, I wanted to come and lay some track for anyone reading.

Today is the type of day to document, because, it already comes on the heels of a powerful week. Monday, I was able to deliver an amazing day of coaching service at a local non profit after school program. Tuesday I was teaching my graduate-level Teaching Strategies course, and Wednesday I was teaching my graduate-level Teaching Seminar course. Each time getting positive feedback back from my students. I’m always surprised when students praise my teaching practice.

Teaching practice and coaching practice is hard! Shit! I’m finding in my entrepreneurship and research that teaching and coaching is about constantly evolving, and challenging yourself. It’s about communication. Its about the transfer of knowledge, and the equipping of tools.

That’s hard, but we here are EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC believe it to be possible to strategically equip yourself with tools and lived experiences, in an effort to craft the leadership journey you want to live here on Earth. We believe that is possible and curatable in the living moment. We believe you the reader in this moment holds the power to determine your programming and ultimately where your path will lead, and the impact you will have.

Getting back on topic – as a company we had one of the strongest days of the year today. And we’re still conquering items on the to do even down to this post. the to do list we start the day with is the guide for what can be a powerful day of creation, or a wasteful day of consumption.

Today’s to do list – written during our morning journal time:

  • Consulting Company – Respond to Contract Email – Won my rate increase after a surprisingly solid defense from me.
  • Class Scheduling and Prep – Weekend college course agenda prep and communications successfully sent.
  • Haircut – We booked a modeling gig tomorrow. Presentation has to be on point.
  • Clothing Brand Interview – Clothing brand interviewed me for an hours about my customer profile.
  • Job Research – We completed some solid partnerships to go after in the future.
  • Confirming Location for Modeling Gig Tomorrow – Sent communication and received confirmation
  • Communicating with other Model – Sent communication and received response about outfit coordination
  • Training Schedule – Drafting EDGE-ucational Media Company’s training calendar for 2020 – a first for the organization. (not complete yet, but finishing this post, then drafting this. Not moving from computer until at least 25 minutes of investment here)
  • Email Campaign Form Test – Following up on a broken confirmation process in my email forms. Support said we all clear, I checked with my emails…. one is clear, the other didn’t… so we still a work in progress
  • Dishes – Our office dishes were in disarray. We handled them
  • Workout – Tighten up for modeling gig tomorrow.
  • Blog Post (Late addition) – Typing this now (thinking this will be helpful to see my schedule?)
  • Vision – Check our vision insurance claim process. We blind yall (this didn’t get done today)
  • Clothes – Clean all the clothes around the office (this didn’t get done today)

This is just the to do list.

There was some powerful communications had today. This week has been about powerful communications. Cleanse, and finishing the year strong and hard through the finish line. There was also some constructive reading done today as well.

How to use this? Use it as just an example of a day in the life of an entrepreneur. This is not everyday. This day was powered by a powerful agenda. This day was powerful as a result of being purposeful and powerful in past conversations and interactions.

We hope this is helpful! Keep pushing. Keep creating the life you want. Define it and work to bring it to fruition. Remember we here are My Edge Media aim to create content to help leaders like you change the world. This behind the scenes piece is brought to you by our Mind pillar where we aim to help leaders understand how to lean in and cultivate their leadership products and impact.

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