SkoolHaze started as a blog to chronicle my journey from a nonprofit youth coordinator to a “young and Black” New York City Teaching Fellow at Long Island University as a Special Education teacher. Throughout the year I narrated my goods – bads – challenges – successes – my research and my writings, all in an effort to lay the tracks for whoever wished to take up the teaching profession or pursue the teaching fellowship after me.

As I begin my second year, I’ve witnessed the site and my purpose grow into something larger. SkoolHaze will continue to be the gateway that I use to etch my road for those that wish to follow. But, it now encompasses a larger Educational – Motivational – Inspirational theme that I want to use to push ALL OF US to greater greatness than we ever could have imagined.

With that being said, (press CTRL + D), share with your friends, and tag along for the pilgrimage that awaits.


– Peace –


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Thoughts, Experiences, Adventures, and Tools from a Brooklyn Educator and Coach.

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