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The school year just started… and educators are getting bullied by media & capital conglomerates. Yes, I’m trying to not get sued right now!

The academic year just started, with all we’re all going through, with all that we here at EDGE-ucational (Educational )Media Company, LLC have been going through… Educators and community nurturers around the globe are getting bullied by media & capital conglomerates. You guessed it! I’m trying to not get sued right now!

I’m on the verge of being sued for copyright infringement. Using the intellectual property of a photojournalism company. a large one, that has pictures online for the general public to use.

Today is the last day I can edit skoolhaze and myedgemedia’s archives to erase two images of Maya Angelou and Barack Obama… oddly enough. They’re being asked to be removed from my masters portfolio narratives. For those that don’t know I earned a Masters of Science in Education back in 2016. As an ultimate show of my digestion, internalization, and creation of American/Western/Urban teaching practice, I had to create a 70-ish page portfolio of my learnings.

To tie my practice together I used Black imagery. Strong black imagery, everywhere I could.

Now, 5 years later I’m being literally disciplined by Reuters…. I could end up paying a couple thousand dollars if I don’t remove images like this from the site.

Maya’s picture had the quote “History despite its wrenching pain cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” superimposed on top of it.

Obama’s pictures was him giving the thinking man pose.

I’ve altered the past in both instances. Here are the site links:

Can you imagine creating a rinky-dinky business that get’s threatened by a media conglomerate (compared to us, here.) for using pictures of black icons… in an academic piece almost 10 years ago, and educational website?

That’s not goals. That’s insanity.

The fact that I have to actually be able to maintain a school log in from over 5 years ago… TO NOT GET SUED. Is… not how lawyers are supposed to spend their time. I’m literally typing this while removing… just to complain a bit to readers. I really do hope this helps someone. Your words and knowledge has power. I’m being threatened because the pictures and the words had too much power together.

Disclaimer & Acknowledgements: (all credit attributed to original authors, and educational value asked for sharing in text & modified form.) This is not a sales post. Purely cultural archives meant for educational usage in your areas of highest need. Translation – Please dont sue me to using google image search screenshots (again) pls. Sheesh. Barely holding it together here as it is. ^_^

Productivity: While we feel barely productive now after Covid restructuring MyEdgeMedia responded to the legal teams requesting payment for using public domain for educational purposes images of black public figures. The email and removal of images was complete moments (20mins) before this post went live. Both operations took about 35 minutes each. Separately.

Important reads for Black Gay Men: Frances Cress Welsing & Neely Fuller, Jr.


#Blackgaymen. Look up justifiable homicide. Please!

Sorry my hand was shaking.

Check these readings out. I ordered these books back in 2015. December 31, to be exact. They are giving me ‘color’ on how to understand my dilemma with being treated as a decent citizen, worth acknowledging and treating with kindness and humanity.

Treatment we all deserve.

These are controversial and will JAR you. That is ok. Just read the ideas, and perhaps order the books for your personal library.

Neely Fuller, Jr – The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing – The Isis Paper: the Keys to the Colors

EDGE-ucational Media Company’s Covid-19 REsponse


EMC Banner header

Well how the fuck are you doing right now!?

Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is currently sending an enormous ripple across the globe. Oddly enough, I happen to be living here in what is now considered the American epicenter of the virus, New York City. Brooklyn to be exact.

I’ve been listening intently to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. He has been a steady, transparent, and reassuring figure right now.

Its amazing to know that the last post on this platform, in December 2019, was in a world where I was not sitting here amongst billions of people impacted by the appearance of a new global threat. I could have never imagined there was a “thing” so powerful that is sent shockwaves through the entire planet like this.

I sat and watched, really listened (I have a free subscription to the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal via audible. You should check it out) to the outbreak begin oddly uniquely in China. How back then there were small percentages to the story, usually one sentence or so, to the idea that Corona virus would indeed impact the world. And that American ought to get prepared….

Its amazing to know that in 3 months time or so…. the impact is now being felt more amplified (do we know that? I don’t believe Chinas #’s… just saying) here in the states.

Life has changed. Drastically. The animal piece of me, worked to live in the shock. To realize it. To allow it to stimulate my senses. For the past 2 years or so I’ve been so focused on that for some reason. The ability of my sense’s to pick up messages along different frequencies… My senses told me to feel and receive the different messages sent up into the air. Process them and evaluate what you deem true, what you deem important, what you deem relevant to you in this time of shaking Earth. And now my brain is telling me to reset, to ground, but also be in action of moving my life along and forward in calibration to the shaking ground.

I’ve done a lot of breathing. I’ve fallen victim to a lot of sleeping. To which I lean in to. I’ve been untethered to many avenues in which I received life sustaining funding and income. I’ve been freed.

The response – now – is to germinate the Earth with what it tells me it needs.

I hope you find this message in peace. In a time of protection and personal stability. If not, that is ok too.


Allow your sense’s (sight, smell, taste, feel, hearing, and beyond) to feel the air. Taste it. Take it in. Hear it. Sense it. Feel it above you. As it passes through you and under your feet. And flows past and around your skin. Determine what your body needs. What your human package needs.

Give yourself permission to bring it here. To create it.

Surround yourself with the resources that will make it so.

In response to the Covid-19 interruption of daily living we here at MyEdgeMedia want to encourage you to be safe. Encourage you to stake claim to what you need to thrive. And wish to partner with you in bringing it to fruition!

Stay tuned as we re-calibrate and reconnect a strengthened and more steadfast signal.

We welcome comments and connections below from those interested in bringing their voice back to the Earth.


Owner – MyEdgeMedia

African American Scholarships


This is something I saw on facebook and I wanted to share it with people. Don’t let the fact that many of these are national scholarship deter you from applying. You never know what you can get when you take the time to put a nice presentation together. 


Even if you do not have a college-aged child at home, please share this with someone who does, pass this scholarship information on to anyone and everyone that comes to mind. Though there are a number of companies and organizations that have donated monies for scholarships use to African Americans, a great deal of the money is being returned because of a lack of interest.
No one is going to knock on our doors and ask if we can use a scholarship. Take the initiative to get your children involved. There is no need for money to be returned to donating companies because we fail to apply for it. Please pass this information on to family members, nieces, nephews, friends with children etc. We must get the word out that money is available. If you are a college student or getting ready to become one , you probably already know how useful additional money can be. Our youth really could use these scholarships. Thanks! (If clicking on the link doesn’t work, copy and paste the URL in your web browser.)Link back to the facebook post here –


3) Student Video Scholarships
4) Coca-Cola Two Year College Scholarships
5) Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships
6) Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships
8) Gates Millennium Scholarships (major)
10) Sports Scholarships and Internships
11) National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ)
12) Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary)
13) Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
14) FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid Scholarships
15) Presidential Freedom Scholarships
18) Hope Scholarships &Lifetime Credits
19) William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students
21) Guaranteed Scholarships
22) BOEING scholarships (soma e HBCU connects)
23) Easley National Scholarship Program
24) Maryland Artists Scholarships
26) Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)
27) Historically Black College & University Scholarships
28) Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
29) International Students Scholarships & Aid Help
31) Burger King Scholarship Program
32) Siemens Westinghouse Competition
33) GE and LuLac Scholarship Funds
34) CollegeNet ‘ s Scholarship Database
36) Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways 25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel
37) Scholarship &Financial Aid Help
38) Scholarship Links (Ed Finance Group)
39) FAFSA On The Web (Your Key Aid Form &Info)
40) Aid &Resources For Re-Entry Students
41) Scholarships and Fellowships
42) Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies
43) HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships (for study around the world)
44) Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities
45) INROADS internships
46) ACT-SO EUR Olympics of the Mind “A Scholarships
47) Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships
49) Graduate Fellowships For Minorities Nationwide
51) The Roothbert Scholarship Fund
52) Creative Dreamers Award
SkoolMoney Tag

Unpacking my mobile classroom-office-changing room


Back around September I realized I was carrying around a 45 pound book bag with me all over the city. It wasn’t long after that I was determined to show what the hell was in my bag with me all these days. Here is a sneak peak. I took these picture back in January right when after we started Spring Semester grad classes. Throughout the fellowship I’ve seen people get pretty creative with their mobile offices. Here’s what I do…… throw everything in my compartmentalized book bag.

(click pictures to enlarge)



Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 3.32.19 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 3.32.31 AM

Umbrella – I rarely check the weather in the morning. I just use this.

Stapler & Scissors – I travel around the school a lot, and there’s never a set place for essential supplies like the stapler or scissors. These actually come in handy for grad school projects  as well. And really just everyday use. These are probably the two most important supplies I have.

5hr Energy – … I keep one of these, Redbulls, or Starbucks shooters on deck at all times!

Colored Pencils/Dry Erase markers – Similar to the stapler/scissors. These are essentials that I’ve pulled out many times during random  impromptu activities in class.

Story Cubes – meh… something I’ve never really used. But they’re supposed to help students come up with ideas for their writing.

Deodorant, aspirin, etc… –  If you follow the blog you know there are many times I’ve had to brush my teeth in the morning at school. Refresh after a long day with some deodorant, blow my nose, or offer my students some tissue, etc… These are really essentials.

Teacher Pencils and Pens – These are my special (expensive) pens that I love writing, grading, and note taking with. However, students never seem to come to class prepared so I always end up handing them out and never get them back.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 3.32.33 AM

Journal 1 & 2 – Places where I store my notes, ideas, sketches, etc… Earlier in the year I used these quite often.

Everything else should be self explanatory.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 3.32.35 AM

Extra school materials – This is where I keep all my extra copies of worksheets, IEP notes and drafts.

Lesson Plans and School materials – Lesson plans and some of my JW/Rewards graded work.

Grad Class Folders – Its been really important to keep the grad materials organized and labeled. We have a lot of additional articles to read, drafts for lesson plans, journals, project plans, and syllabi.

Laptop  and Differentiating Instruction Textbook – Self explanatory

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 3.32.36 AM

Workout gear, iPod Shuffle, Earbuds, Grad School Notebook –  here should be self explanatory.

Ripping and running around NYC makes you have to have everything you’ll need throughout the day on you.  I generally leave around 650am-ish on a good day, and don’t get home until  around midnight. There’s no time to run home and grab my workout gear, or switch to my grad school bag after a long day.  I used to hate having to lug this thing around. But I actually think its dope to be carrying around 45 pound all day. I’ve created the image in my head that I’m getting a constant workout.  LoL

Countdown to Spring Break

This is part 2 to Holding up the celestial heavens like Atlas

Spring Break begins March 23, and I can’t even tell you how thirsty I am to get a break from the daily grind for a quick second. Lately the weeks have been increasingly more stressful and difficult. The toll of having two additional classes this trimester has come on strong within the past 2 weeks. I’ve been feeling irritable with my students. I’ve been getting 2/3 hours of sleep. Down from the 4/3 hours I’ve been used to. I know some fellows talk about getting 7 hours of sleep a night… But I’m just categorizing that under the Urban Legendz tab in my brain. I just don’t see how its possible, and kind of refuse to believe the laws of physics would allow such a thing. I need a full order of whatever fellowship steroids they’re on, stat!

Even though I’ve been on the edge, I’ve still learned a few lessons that I hope I can use to my benefit:

  1. Have faith that you will get whatever done, done. Wasting time does not solve problems! You are here for a reason. You can accomplish anything. Period. Don’t let self doubt get in the way of your destiny. This goes for teaching, living life, accomplishing goals, etc… I never would have thought I would have found an apartment this soon, especially given what I have to do this month. Low and behold. I will be moving from Washington Heights/Harlem to Fort Greene, Brooklyn in a few weeks. Its only because I halfway believed it was possible!
  2. ALWAYS push back on students who don’t want to participate in a lesson. Students, specifically teenagers, are naturally wired to dislike things you ask of them. Whether its following a school rule (take off your hat), engaging in a boring lesson (taking notes off of a powerpoint), engaging in a fun lesson (a game/activity you created to engage this specific student’s talents), watching their language (talking about strippers in class). It may seem easier to give up after the first few encounters with a stoney class full of students. But I find that anytime I try again, that next time, in perhaps a softer or less direct tone, students usually fall for the okey doke and start to do their work. Or at least answer the question on the board. That’s really all you need to get the momentum going back in a positive direction in class.
  3. Show your controlled frustration in class. My kids are my everything right now. But, they drive me crazy regularly. They’re angels maybe 3/5 of the week. The other 2/5 they’re a disrespectful, vulgar, impulsive, self sabotage, excitable, rambunctious crew. Sometimes they just drive me to throw my hands up to the sky, step back into a silent meditation at the front of a class, wail in frustration, growl in anger type of stunts. The expressions are always controlled as to not get out of hand. But real enough to show them that they’re being ridiculous and its disappointing me, and making me get upset. It doesn’t always work in the moment. But it does show them that I’m human. And their actions affect me and everyone in the class when they’re not helping to create a focused learning environment.
  4. When a student says “Forget them, they’re not paying attention, we’re trying to learn.” Believe her. Again. Don’t focus on students who aren’t engaging. Get them to be quiet and keep it moving for those that actually are trying to learn. (Work in progress)
  5. Don’t punish your engaged students by giving too much of time to your disengaged students. I took my students on a tour of Long Island University a few weeks ago. The day we were to go most students still had not turned in their permission slips. In an effort to “punish” them I was going to stay at school to make sure they didn’t enjoy a free period and focused on their work. Letting the other students attend the tour with their chaperone. Thankfully a fellow teacher shared that the students who had been on point should enjoy the experience of going on the tour with their teacher. And not have to just go with a chaperone. {In hindsight I really don’t know where my logic was in this situation.}
  6. Speak your mind. – Period. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind to your co workers or students. If your thoughts/ideas/observations come from love. Then they should be able to handle what you really think. At all times.
  7. Identify, develop, and demand your students be leaders in the classroom. Its how I’m planning on pushing many of the young black men in my classes to do more than the status quo. I want to test them in a way. Of course I need to build the necessary supports into the class and our check ins to make sure they feel strong enough to lead by setting the example, and not lead by following the example.
  8. Have students explain concepts to their peers in class. Interestingly enough some of the students who struggle on assessments can actually explain and remember concepts quite well in class. Use them to reinforce notes and theories in class. *Figure out a way to get students to translate knowledge in written form*
  9. Learn how to get quality one on one check ins with all students. Somehow you have to maximize the 30 – 120 seconds you get with each individual student during each lesson. I dont know if students get jealous, have no respect for shared time, or what. But my students dont really understand the concept that everyone needs equal time with the teacher to help with understanding concepts and independent work. Its a huge problem that has me frantically working around classrooms trying to get to each student. My one on one student time isn’t anywhere near as effective as I would like it to be. Work in progress.