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Community of Peers – BEDA Day 25 of 31

Community of Peers –

BEDA Day 25 of 31


Here is the post about the training I’m going to. Have to head out – would love to type more.

What do YOU think about the idea of Community of Peers? Do you have one? Do you view your community of peers as a POSITIVE source of influence? Or do you view them as a negative or neutral influence on your life?


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BEDA = Blog Every Day in August

Create Your Own Good Thing Jar – BEDA Day 22 of 31

Create Your Own Good Thing Jar –

BEDA Day 22 of 31


If you’re looking to change the energy that flows through your day I would recommend you get a Good Thing Jar. What is a Good Thing Jar? Well besides the fact that its something that does not have a catchy name, it is a place, a process, and a purpose that will create positive energy in your life.

Good Thing Jar - Skoolhaze.comThe good thing jar works because it forces you to think of spaces in your life that are going well. It made me think of spaces where I was gracious in my life. It also helped me see that there’s sooooo much bounty in my life. As you see in the video. I have a huge jar of maybe 100 or so good things (rough estimate) and I have fallen off hard on even contributing to my jar.

The good thing jar at times this year has been something that I’ve really looked forward to getting home and filling up with the amazing moments that have happened for me, with me, or even to people I know and care about this year.

Its super easy to get started. All you need is a receptacle, preferably with a lid.

You start by just making a quick note of thanks, of appreciation, of whatever YOU want, and put it in your jar.

Take note as your jar and your blessings grow throughout the year. I know i’m sharing the message with you late. But its honestly never too late to start. I haven’t placed anything in my jar in at least over a month. I”m so happy that today I get to add a new note talking about how grateful I am to even be in a space to share with you guys my Good Thing Jar.

I’ll leave you with what my jar used to look like back when it was just a mason jar.


Are you willing to start a Good Thing Jar? I definitely need to get back on it. And am so happy to start today. I know I’m going to be blown away when I finally sit down and get to read all the greatness I was able to be a part of this year.

Be easy y’all!


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BEDA = Blog Every Day in August


5 Things to know before starting your Limited Liability Company (LLC) – BEDA Day 13 0f 31

5 Things to know before starting your

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – 

BEDA Day 13 of 31


This weekend, at my training that I’ve referenced many times. I spent a good 15 minutes talking to one of my friends about her LLC. How she started it in Atlanta to do her community development work. She said it only cost her $50, and that now that she was in the NYC, she was thinking about having it transferred over.

Ever since that conversation, I knew that I too had to get my LLC. I made the goal to grab it before the end of the month. I couldn’t wait that long though.

I went on the NY State website, and was supposed to be printing out pages for references and research…. The very first page asks you for the name of your business. It checks it against the state registry. I hadn’t fully thought of a name yet. I have probably 100 different names I’ve written down and gotten test logos for.

I entered SkoolHaze LLC… It was available

At this point, I gave myself the freedom to jump in head first into what is sure to be a new arm of the journey for me.


1 – Have a business idea or two or three. You can check my post from yesterday to see my three personal methods of creating business for myself. Your methods will look different than mine. But just have some.


2 – Do your research. I was making this post…. And I realized very quickly that I didn’t know anything about starting an LLC. Not enough to share with readers. Do enough research until you feel you know enough to make a decision. I applied for my LLC 2 days ago, I still don’t know everything, but I knew enough to know that I needed to take the next step in my journey.

Let’s take a second to learn a few things together:

1.3.12_LLC-590x2303 Forming-an-LLC-in-Flroida-22


3 – Know Your State’s Requirements.

Each state is vastly different. I’ve made a little table to demonstrate for you. Be sure to check your state’s official listings. However, you can jump to this link to do some quick and dirty research for the 4 basics: Filing Fee, Online Application, Publication Requirements, Annual Report.

Check your states info here: this link is just a reference apply DIRECTLY through your State gov’s website)

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.25.14 PM

4 – Talk to your peers and clients.

I’ve had quite a few conversations with my peers who talk about getting their LLC. How its helped open doors for their businesses. I’ve also had conversations with quite a few potential partners that spoke about wanting to do business with other people that “have their paperwork in order”


5 – Give yourself the freedom to begin new journeys!

I have been pondering for roughly 2 years about this business mess. How do I start it? What’s the right structure? When will I start saving money. What if I don’t sign up the right way? What if I choose the wrong name? I’m want to wait until my business is fully mature. I should wait until I’m out of school….

Nah – give yourself the FREEDOM to live. If you’ve been thinking about a business for a minute, and you know you have some balls rolling in the market. Be adventurous, take a chance on yourself, and jump in.

I actually didn’t have the money for my Limited Liability Corporation. I allowed myself to get caught up in the application and used some money from my savings. It was $200, so I knew I could cover it. But I knew I was going to feel the hit until I could replace what I had taken out of my savings. I returned home, later that evening to a $500 consulting check (I talk about it here)…

Let the energy of the universe take you on a cosmic journey!

Hopefully this helps.


There are missing points. If you have questions leave them in the comments!

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Knowledge Hacking: The 100-Page Manual To Master Your Craft & Unleash Your Powers To Get In Action To Success!

Knowledge Hacking: 100 Page Manual To Master Your Craft, Unleash Your Power, and Get In Action Toward Success

From Blogging to Book Writing – BEDA Day 11 of 31

From Blogging to Book Writing

BEDA Day 11 of 31



Why am I blogging everyday?

One of my long-term goals was to be a published author.

Today, I’m meeting with my teaching and writing buddy to support each other with our publishing projects.

My thoughts were that if I blogged everyday, I would already be in the zone, and that it would be easier to focus my time and energy into my manuscript.

(It feels nice to say that word.)


At this point, I do have a manuscript. It’s nowhere near as done as I thought it’d be. Here we are at August 11, and I think I’ve only been able to invest 4 real chunks of time into the book.

The process I’ve used thus far has looked loosely like this:

  • -Read a handful of e-books on writing your own nonfiction book.
  • -Generated ideas
  • -Bought a personalized book writing toolkit from Fiverr.com
  • -Narrowed my ideas down to the three biggest ideas I had. (all others are blog topics)
  • -Bought a notebook, and wrote one full page on what I wanted to book to be about
  • -Brainstorm chapter titles (The title creates the content)
  • -Worked to complete two pages of ideas for each chapter
  • -Transferred journal outline to Google Docs
  • -Started fleshing out individual chapters (taking note of where I need to do more research)
  • -Elicited feedback and motivational support from writing partners


ConfidenceCurve-4-1023x1030Anxietyyyyyyyyy – is the name of the game. I’m hoping to push out the bulk of the narrative before I return to teaching in about 3 weeks. I know anything that’s not done by that point will take about 3 times as long to complete.

No I’m kidding, no anxiety. Looking back I’ve completed the most difficult pieces. The outline. Now I just need to go through and stream of conscious my way through the bulk of the writing process.

The most difficult pieces were coming up with the topic I wanted to write about, as well as outlining the book. I had to step outside of myself and find multiple outlines and examples to help me work on my own.

Today, my friend helped my by going through my outline, and providing me feedback on the sections that she thought were the most interesting and compelling. I talked her through my vision for the project. I was kind of embarrassed sharing my creative projects with her. But I was also happy to be sharing with someone that was even interested.

My book – Knowledge Hacking currently has 10 chapters. Do you like the name? ^_^ I’m very proud of the concept and can’t wait to complete.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any written projects you’re working on?

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Top 5 Productivity Hacks You Can Use Right Now! BEDA – Day 3 of 31

Top 5 Productivity Hacks You Can Use Right Now!

BEDA – Day 3 of 31



Yesterday a good friend asked me if I knew any solid time management and productivity strategies. I’m dumb horrible at giving coherent advice and assists on the spot. My brain just doesn’t work well on call like that, LoL. Plus I’m the King of awkward, so, it just never quite works out right.

But after a fairly productive day, myself, I tried to sit down and think of the real suggestions I WOULD recommend. Something about being a schoolteacher teaches you the value of 60 seconds. There’s been so many times when I’ve whirled into the building 10 minutes before the first bell and have had to construct my entire life, the students’, their worksheet and have it printed and ready to go without anyone knowing the wiser.

I’ve boiled the following strategies down from my own practice; hopefully some of these can help you too.

1) Goals: Come in with a goal, or set one first.

Goals are our internal road maps to tell us whether we’re getting close to completing what we initially set out for or not. Everyone’s goals will be different. Its also important to understand that there our goal(s) have different levels and therefore require different levels of commitment from us. For simplicity I’ve broken down our goals into 3 categories. BIG, MEDIUM, SMALL

BIG: Think of big goals as your long-term goals. What am I looking to accomplish in the long run? What is your end goal. Many times we start with this, but don’t do the work to break this big goal down even further into more manageable steps.

-My end goal is to… write a book.
-My end goal is to finish this new curriculum.
-Me end goal is to reach out to X amount of new clients.
-My goal is to participate in a fitness competition.

MEDIUM: Your medium goals are what I would consider your short term goals. I consider medium goals as roadsigns along the highway. They let us know whether we’re moving in the right direction toward accomplishing those big goals we’ve set out to tackle. I think of these more as weekly goals, and the small project goals we give ourselves.

-Completing 3 chapters in your book
-Drafting the first 2 units of your curriculum plan.
-Successfully making the gym 4 days this week.
-Adding 3 clients to your pipeline.

SMALL: THIS is where the magic happens. This is where your big goals either come true or don’t come to fruition. This is where you do the work to either get that project off the ground, or you let it die off. Small goals in my opinion aren’t really goals. They’re more how we manage our time to bring about change(s) in our life. Personally I generally set big goals, and then spend the bulk of my time thinking in the small goal section inching myself (via how I’m spending my time) closer and closer to the big goals accomplishment.

-Writing 500 words a day
-Building out one lesson that you know needs to get better in your curriculum
-Hitting the gym first thing in the morning before you have time to think of a creative excuse
-Doing market research during your free time to get you closer to landing that one new client


Process in action:

I’m looking to add content to my website. I work through the process going from BIG to SMALL. Check my Progress via the MEDIUM goal, all to make sure I’m on the right track to hitting my BIG.

Big Goal – Blog Every Day in August
Small Goal – Write 1000 words every day! (writing more than 1000 on the days I’m feeling pumped)
Medium Goal – Track the number of posts I’ve completed each week.

If all goes well I should be on my way to success. (See me in a week tho, LoL)


2) Clock: Time accountability (30 – 60 minutes)

We have to devote time to our goals. We do. We can’t expect anyone else to invest more time, energy, thoughts, sweat equity into anything we want more than ourselves. The best way I’ve learned to do that is with a timer. Generally I’ll give myself a 40 minute work period. During this 40 minutes I try to focus all of my energy on the task at hand. Not taking any phone calls, Not socializing. Just me myself working on whatever the small goal(s) of the moment are. By the time I find myself distracted, I have normally drifted off into the 45/50 minute range. Here, I give myself a 10 to 15 minute break to browse the internet or just not be focused. Then I start over again. Normally I give myself at least 3 good rounds of this when I’m working on a major project.

APPS: Phone Clock & Timesheet

Extension – I’ve read some experts that say doing this first thing in the morning gives you an AM productivity and confidence booster shot.


3) List: Progress accountability (3 things)

Know what you need to do. Lists are a great way to track yourself through some of the smaller tasks that will help you build to something bigger. I don’t use any fancy apps for this. I use whatever page currently has the most information I need on it. Write my list at the very top. I normally include 3 to 4 must complete items on my list. Anymore and we just play around doing all the easy stuff. Any less, and its not much of a list. As you complete, cross things off. It’s a great visual and physical habit to get into, and its easy to see what you’ve done across the different lists you’ll end up collecting. Stick to the list, if falling into a YouTube coma isn’t on your list…. Then you’ll know exactly where you went wrong when you wake up 5 video’s later.

NO APPS: mark up the paper you’re currently using, or small post it notes. Make your list visible at all times!

Extension – Learn how you can maximize your time. Build your own schedule around this concept.


productivity-hacks4) Material/ Space: Material Accountability

Think about the materials, physical and space, that you as an individual need to succeed. I’ve provided a basic list below. Many of us are conditioned to sit in a desk/cubicle, in front of a computer/notepad when we work. As an educator, I see that that is not always the most conducive environment to pump out creative work, specifically when it may be only you holding yourself accountable. Check the following list to see what you may need to bring or have access to to really get in YOUR ZONE!

Materials: Post its, pens, pencils, markers, colored paper, white paper, laptops, desktops, white boards, chalkboards, internet, flash storage

Space: power outlets, chairs, personal work space, large work space

Hacks: Social Environments – Starbucks, Panera Break
Quiet/Spacious environments – Libraries, Your living room floor with tv turned off

5) Communication/Social Media: Communication Accountability

I’m the type that needs to tune everything out when I’m in what I call Workshop Mode, y’all might call it In the Zone. I believe in the power of energy and momentum throughout life. I feel like I’m my most creative and efficient when I am completely in tune, uninterrupted by people. When we allows ourselves to get sidetracked/distracted this takes us away from our most productive selves. It’s advantageous to experiment with different settings and boundaries until you find what’s optimal for you. Shy away from posting about what you’re doing on social media or to fam/friends while you’re doing it. (For instance. I’m not posting on my IG that I’m making a dope post right now.) I’ve read a few articles that say that productivity-killers like this give the user a false sense of accomplishment, causing them to work less hard to accomplish their goals.


(This is almost 3x as much as my 500 words for the day. My bad)

All things are accomplished through our explicit application of our time.

Time is a limited resource, but it’s one that we have the most control over.

Direct your time toward the accounts you want to fill, grow, and flourish within your life.


What did you think of these tips? Do you have any suggestions that we can add to the list?

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SkoolHaze is on that BEDA – Day 1 of 31

SkoolHaze is on that BEDA – Day 1 of 31


the hiatus is over everyday grace

What does that mean? BEDA means, Blog Every Day in August. I stole this whole concept from Evelyn of the Internets. She’s one of my long lost Internet cousins. You probably are too. Back in April she decided to vlog everyday in the month of April. Check her video intro below.

August is my birthday month. I’ll be turning 31 this year and so it makes sense to push for 31 NEW blog posts this month. Skoolhaze the blog has been around for some 5-odd years. And we know it’s been DRY for the past 3! With BEDA I’m pushing to hold myself accountable to 500 words a day for 31 days. Posted for y’all. But really more-so for me. I can actually pinpoint the event that made me start to lose my voice. It was a promotion/opportunity of some sorts that put me a bit more in the public eye – at least in my head. As a result, I felt like I had to be far more withdrawn and nebulous with what I shared here on my blog.

Luckily that’s over… Now, I’m looking to repurpose and flesh out this here space. BEDA is going to be a challenge because I’ve struggled to complete any time-related goal that I’ve set for this year. I kind of did well with a water challenge I started at the very beginning of the year. But eventually broke that too for a date and my pre-planned trip to Africa.

The truth is I’ve lost some of my flair and confidence in my writing. This is the last full month I’ll have before the hustle and bustle of the upcoming school year rears its head again. So it’s the perfect time for me to build some momentum back into the space. I’m hopeful that with the renewed focus I can update the look and feel around here, as well as share more meaningful and appropriate content with y’all.


More importantly, I have quite a few more goals that I want to accomplish before the end of the year. Some of them writing focused and this will help me get back in the habit of writing and sharing information with a purpose. As I write and share I hope you feel comfortable adding your comments, critiques and connections. Let’s make it interactive. I promise not to bite or go too far off! LoL.

500 words a day is my goal. I think that’s more than attainable. Its also short enough for you to skim through daily on your commute to and fro work – your lunch break – as you gear up for bed – whatever is the most comfortable for you.

I’ve prepped a list of 38 topics that I know will change. Some of the topics include books I’ve read and recommend, workout related posts (for those that don’t know I am now a certified personal trainer), accessible activism-related posts, my own activism fails, travel-related posts, and maybe some relationship stuff.

Have any ideas on things you’d like to see add them in the comments below.

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