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SkoolHaze is on that BEDA – Day 1 of 31

SkoolHaze is on that BEDA – Day 1 of 31


the hiatus is over everyday grace

What does that mean? BEDA means, Blog Every Day in August. I stole this whole concept from Evelyn of the Internets. She’s one of my long lost Internet cousins. You probably are too. Back in April she decided to vlog everyday in the month of April. Check her video intro below.

August is my birthday month. I’ll be turning 31 this year and so it makes sense to push for 31 NEW blog posts this month. Skoolhaze the blog has been around for some 5-odd years. And we know it’s been DRY for the past 3! With BEDA I’m pushing to hold myself accountable to 500 words a day for 31 days. Posted for y’all. But really more-so for me. I can actually pinpoint the event that made me start to lose my voice. It was a promotion/opportunity of some sorts that put me a bit more in the public eye – at least in my head. As a result, I felt like I had to be far more withdrawn and nebulous with what I shared here on my blog.

Luckily that’s over… Now, I’m looking to repurpose and flesh out this here space. BEDA is going to be a challenge because I’ve struggled to complete any time-related goal that I’ve set for this year. I kind of did well with a water challenge I started at the very beginning of the year. But eventually broke that too for a date and my pre-planned trip to Africa.

The truth is I’ve lost some of my flair and confidence in my writing. This is the last full month I’ll have before the hustle and bustle of the upcoming school year rears its head again. So it’s the perfect time for me to build some momentum back into the space. I’m hopeful that with the renewed focus I can update the look and feel around here, as well as share more meaningful and appropriate content with y’all.


More importantly, I have quite a few more goals that I want to accomplish before the end of the year. Some of them writing focused and this will help me get back in the habit of writing and sharing information with a purpose. As I write and share I hope you feel comfortable adding your comments, critiques and connections. Let’s make it interactive. I promise not to bite or go too far off! LoL.

500 words a day is my goal. I think that’s more than attainable. Its also short enough for you to skim through daily on your commute to and fro work – your lunch break – as you gear up for bed – whatever is the most comfortable for you.

I’ve prepped a list of 38 topics that I know will change. Some of the topics include books I’ve read and recommend, workout related posts (for those that don’t know I am now a certified personal trainer), accessible activism-related posts, my own activism fails, travel-related posts, and maybe some relationship stuff.

Have any ideas on things you’d like to see add them in the comments below.

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