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PODCAST: Hack Your Knowledge: Mindset When Developing Your Brand and New Business

Hack Your Knowledge: Mindset When Developing Your Brand and New Business



This is what is going through my mind right now. As I enter into the new year.

Managing the multiple layers of things that all need to happen at once.
Developing Content
Community Building
Customer Service
Asset Acquisition
Working your real 9-5
Being A Mess and Living Life a Beautifully imperfect Human life

AND opening this New Year with a BANG!

What are your hopes for 2017. What were you super proud of in 2016!? Leave your Comments below!

Build your Website in 6 Steps w/ this Free Website Building Workbook

Build your Website in 6 Steps

w/ this Free Website Building Workbook


Its time we all had the web platform to sell our dreams and skills to the world! Here are 6 quick steps to help you move from idea to creation with your website idea.

1 – Decide that you’re beast enough to create a website for yourself!

Sometimes we play in the grey space of wanting to do something, but not knowing if we’re worthy. If you find yourself pondering “Should I….” lets use this as the very exercise to train us to lean on the side of YES!

We perfect the course the more we run it. And we refine ourselves as we grow. Once you’ve decided you are building a website. The rest comes easy.


2 – Start Compiling Your Portfolio (Physical and Electronic)

If you had to select 5 skills/traits/services you wanted to sell to the world. What would they be? What examples from your past can you use to serve as proof of these skills? Name the skills that your portfolio showcases.

Collect items in one digital space, and one physical space that showcase your skills. Portfolio pieces should demonstrate: What you do, What you sell, and What you present.

These can be current things and/or future goals. I’m big on loose interpretation with prompts like these. Save samples of work in a secure and accessible folder.  I recommend Google Drive. The word file and the pdf file.

If you don’t have these things (this moment) is actually the time to start doing that. Building a portfolio of your work.


3 – Research and purchase a domain name

Once I developed a sufficient portfolio, I was curious if my name was available as a url. www.PaladinJordan.com

It was, so before anyone else could grab it, and before I could try to talk myself out of it I grabbed the domain name. If your business does not already have a name. Go with whatever version of your name you can lock down. I would NOT waste more than a day thinking about my domain name. At the end of the day as long as its short, and rememberable people will use it, and you can always change it later.

You can easily check across the web to see domain and social media availability by using Namechk.com.

You can also easily purchase a domain name for cheap from one of the following domain services. I’ve used GoDaddy.com for both my SkoolHaze and PaladinJordan domains. But you can also try NameCheap.com, or HostGator.com.

Note: Please note that purchasing a domain (your online address) is different than purchasing your hosting. Think of hosting as the online house that comes up when people type in your domain (web address). Domains and Hosting can be purchased by the same service. I have not done this.


4 – Find and gather your most powerful pictures and video –

If you have not already been saving these in a specific place, take some time to identify the strongest images you’ve seen of yourself over the years. You primarily want these images to convey you as Strong, Purposeful, in Action, and exuding Confidence and energy toward the goal of your website.

Never underestimate the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media for pictures and evidence of your success. These are great pictures and can get you started. You may want to consider having professional pictures taken specifically for use in your future branding. Once I knew I was serious about creating my website. I knew I would have to get some type of pre-planned high quality pictures taken of myself. Get your friends to be paparazzi with their phones.

If you feel like you don’t have pictures, (this moment) is actually the time to start taking and collecting more pictures of your creativity, your results, and of you.


5 – Write your website copy

The part that took me the longest to do was write the copy for my website. Copy, is a publishing word for the text being used. I’ve been trying to get some free tools up for a while. And have created a 6-page Website Building Workbook to help you draft out your website copy. The Website Building Workbook is a great tool to print and fill out as you prepare to build your online space.

The sooner you have your website copy, the sooner you can build and share your website to the world! I recommend shooting for 300 to 500 words per page. Feel free to use more or less. Do not try to be perfect. Perfection will make you procrastinate more than you need. Once the copy is drafted. Identify pictures that go with each page. Format the text in a word publisher. Get an idea of what your page will look like visually before you begin the actual design.

Want help developing your website copy. Download the free Website Building Workbook here!

6 – Research and Purchase a Web Hosting Client

Again, Web Hosting is the internet apartment building/house where your website lives. You can own the domain, and when people type it in, it will lead to an empty lot parked on the internet waiting for you to host something. Hosting is structure that houses the “physical/graphical” pages and platform for your website. There are many different hosting services. I would choose between Squarespace, WordPress.org, or Wix.com. Once you choose your hosting client, upload your website copy into the service building out your pages bit by bit. Aim to keep the look and formatting of your site as close to it was in your mock ups as possible.

SquareSpace Website


Example – www.PaladinJordan.com


WordPress.org Website


Example – www.NktBrown.com


Wix Free Website



When done, review, and launch. If you already have your ideas I say you can have your website up in as little as a weekend.

Good Luck building those brands. I would definitely love to hear about the websites you’ve opened and your thoughts in the comments.


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Building My Black Confidence – BEDA Day 23 of 31

Building My Black Confidence –  

BEDA Day 23 of 31



I’m make today quick and easy. www.PaladinJordan.com is on its way yo!!!! (try it if you want to. Its just gonna direct you right back here for now, LoL)

I’ve gotten the pictures back from my recent photoshoot. Man, I don’t even know who this dude in these pictures is! WHO IS THIS GUY!? If y’all ever even knew how much I’ve loathed taking pictures forever.

He ain’t me. Ot at least he wasn’t, had you asked me….. definitely two years ago. (In my head, I’ve been on a journey to confidence for the past two years) Again, y’all thought I was playin when I was tryna give you some tips for your photoshoots. Y’all better check my post out! 7 Tips to Knockout Your 1st Photoshoot.  Get into my Squinch!!! Get into my Smize!!! Get into my chin-work!


No bur seriously… This wouldn’t have been possible just a handful of years ago. It didn’t even seem possible three months ago. As some of y’all have seen. I didn’t even have a suit… not even a week ago. I was chillin so hard in my comfort zone. Which was not putting myself out there. Eventually I’ll load these pictures into my website skeleton, and I guess now I have a GREAT picture for my barren LinkedIn and business cards.


Can I keep it real with y’all though? I’ve battled self-confidence issues forever. Not really with how I looked. I mean I’ve been fine with how I’ve looked prettyyyyy much forever. I mean we all have our days. But photogenically, especially in high school and college. I hated pictures. I just never felt like what was in the camera was what I thought I saw in the mirror. I would critique everything about myself. I wouldn’t have fun. I couldn’t let myself let loose. It has at times seeped into how I’ve felt about myself. How I present myself in public. The heir of confidence I’m able to permeate from my skin whenever I walk into a new room.

Typing this, it sounds arrogant. But if y’all knew the journey that I’ve been through you would know it didn’t come from that source. I’m so happy to be able to experience myself grow. Throughout life I don’t think I would ever have said that I didn’t love myself. But can I tell you how happy I am to see in my face, and in my presentation from these pictures just how much I’m learning TO love myself more and more each day.


I don’t really have anything profound to say. I’m just happy right now. Happy that I worked with my boy Nate. Happy that I’m investing in myself. Happy to see how even through the mistakes the investments always pay off.

Actually, I take that back. Aiming to be profound… what is it that you’ve been scared to do, that you know if you DID do it, it would not only make you proud of yourself, but also move you in step(s) closer to reaching your dreams? I know this is just a photoshoot to some. But its such great documentation of the growth I’m pushing for in my life.

I love y’all all.




If you’re in NYC/NJ and you want some pictures taken I def have to recommend my bro Nathaniel Brown from NKTBrown Photography. He hooked it ALL the way up. Check him out and show him some love. He’s good at what he does. Tell him Paladin sent you! http://photography.nktbrown.com/ And again. I already told y’all the secret to great pictures with him.



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