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Why aren’t you taking on tasks that intimidate you?

Why aren’t you taking on tasks that intimidate you?


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So here I am, trying to prep for 3 workshops that fell out of the sky onto my lap. Yall do see I just opened a workshop running business right!?

I was intimidated at first. My friend invited me to support her in running 3 powerful workshops for our Advanced Training Group. I was scared, I had always controlled the doorway to my opportunities before. I didn’t know what it looked like to have someone want to give me an opportunity without me asking, or poaching for it.

Luckily, I was able to quickly change my mind. Open up my mind. I’ve been learning about what it means and feels like to be open instead of closed. This is something I swear I would have told you I knew about before. (Even as the task gets bigger – I literally had to stop writing this post to take a phone call from a team-member. And the task got bigger! LoL)

At first it showed up as me not even really being able to translate what my friend Dyan was asking me to do. She asked me to help her with her three workshops and then proceeded to share the details… As she was sharing I realized I wasn’t capable of listening anymore. My brain had shut off. My brain was really stuck yall at can you help me with these three things, that are happening soon, that you hadn’t planned for, that you didn’t strategize for, that you don’t control.

(How does being intimidated show up in your life? I’m thankful that I was able to realize that sometimes, being intimidated for me shows up as not being able to process, and translate in the moment.)

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I was able to mumble that I was having trouble processing but that I would be happy to support.

That night I kept thinking about these new tasks on my plate. I felt like I had been pressured to take on something I wasn’t sure I could handle. I was intimidated. I was really nervous. I just wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Because I was intimidated.

After a good nights rest and a little self-assurance, I was able to manifest how this chaos was actually opportunity cloaked in mask.  I JUST opened a workshop running business! What else could I ask for right now yo!? Like really. I have three golden opportunities to practice. To stretchhhhhh myself. To learn the craft and also document my craft. The documenting is the most important piece. One to share with y’all, and then second to share with others that need my services.

I went from nervous to excited.

Over the next couple of days, Dyan and a partner began getting input for scheduling. While they were doing that I wanted to get myself out of neutral.

I identified my strength. I teach, create a rough list of topics to cover in a 2 hour workshop. Now, GO!

One day on the train I fleshed out a rough list of 7 – 12 topics for each workshop. Some communication strategies, and sent them on the way.

I had created and contributed to the team. I was invested, and showing my presence.

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Now – the task is bigger. We need a larger venue, we want bigger audience, and there are materials to produce. I’m off to do that stuff now.

Just wanted to share.


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