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Kanye with a bit of BEDA Recap – BEDA Day 14 of 31

Kanye with a bit of BEDA Recap –

BEDA Day 14 of 31


This video floated across my facebook the other day. My crazy cousin Kanye always gives me a little something extra to think about. The vid is 2 minutes long. I’ve linked some resent posts connected to his main ideas. Check them out!


I’m just the shot to get YOU going

Entrepreneurship In the New Black: Counting Consulting Checks


Income Source 1 – Produce and Facilitate Workshops – I’ve run a handful of workshops over the past 2 years. To date I’ve run roughly 10 workshops ranging from 4 participants to 100 participants. My largest client to date has been my former graduate school.

Definition: A workshop is a presentation or performance in which a group of people are facilitated through a discussion or activity on a certain subject.Skills: Planning, Communicating with clients and audience, finding and modifying tools to share during workshop. Making any additional materials needed such Feedback survey, handouts, creating presentation PowerPoint/presentations, organizing photography and video collection.


Believe in Yourself, Affirm, Complete!

From Blogging to Book Writing


The process I’ve used thus far has looked loosely like this:

  • -Read a handful of e-books on writing your own nonfiction book.
  • -Generated ideas
  • -Bought a personalized book writing toolkit from Fiverr.com
  • -Narrowed my ideas down to the three biggest ideas I had. (all others are blog topics)
  • -Bought a notebook, and wrote one full page on what I wanted to book to be about


Refusing to follow societies rules meant to control people

Reading Books that Scare You


The title here is enough. Afrikan People and European Holidays: Mental Genocide by Ishakamusa Barashango. It helped me again see some of my behaviors as implicit actions that imposed a dominant culture. Like really, take a second and think about why you’ve worshipped a White Santa Clause figure from early childhood? Many adults don’t even recognize how easily we fall prey to forced cultural and social activities. I haven’t read this book yet. But again the title thus far has been enough to help me already start questioning behaviors that I have that may perhaps go against my ideals and thoughts of the world.


People who are doing, know that doing is hard, but are not afraid to fail

How I Failed at Community Organizing


Why is this a failure? Well, because we haven’t met since April. And part of me knew this would happen. I feel like while I was doing some… interesting and valuable work inviting members of my community to gather together, I wasn’t doing anything truly enriching. Our numbers halved each gathering. February was packed with approximately 15 men. March we had roughly 7, and then in April we peaked at 4 members in the room at once.


If my failures inspire others, then I’m gucci

Houston, We’ve Made Contact


He said my blog had answered many of his initial questions.
He had questions written in his phone.
He asked me about my thoughts and reflections as an educator.
He asked about advice I would give him going into his second year.
He asked me about the future of the blog.
To which… I shared there are immediate plans to update my online presence. 



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The Purge – Doubt

SkoolHaze ThePurge Doubt Header

The Purge – Doubt

So I’m looking at this like it’s a masterpiece body of work, that’s what my Kanye, Jay Z, and Beyonce albums have taught me this year. When you drop your shit, let your shit DROP. Each operated outside of the industry norm, and thusly made history and garnered respect and attention on levels unseen.

I actually wonder if each artists’ contribution to history will be recognized for the real benchmarks they have set. Kanye completely spoke out against capitalism… 1 percenter, and global oppression to the masses. The fact that he did it aggitatingly, without relying on the very same industry (institution/rules/laws) promo channels was indeed genius. He really set the stage for Jay-Z to come out with his Samsung 1 million-unit presale deal. The premise of this deal is pretty ridiculous from an artistic standpoint when you think about it. Jay Z had them pay him, to buy his album to platinum certification level. It’s like the realization of commercial rap going commercial. The art-gallery performance to top it off was a great way to showcase his talents using an altered stage.

SKoolHaze Doubt ThePurge

And now, Beyonce with this hidden jem of quality abushed by demand. Mind you this is Beyonce from around the block… I’m talkin No, No, No, Part 1 version – the one before Wyclef! If memory serves me right I believe Immature were the love interests in the video. Regardless of all of our politically correct-feministic assessments of her, she has clearly shown an immaculate history of presenting quality! Quality Talent. There is something to be learned here. Beyonce is making us know her as the standard. In real time. There is something to be learned here.

Anyway, part of what makes great art and a great story is taking chances. Or at least that’s what I’ve picked up from other “successful” people. I preach a lot on here. Which is intended more as a personal documentation. But there are things that I just doubt right now. I hate talking about doubt. It’s an expensive feeling to deal with and I’m already on fumes most of the time here. But, here is a list of things I don’t have the answers for right now.

doubt ThePurge SkoolHaze

– Am I doing enough for my community? I just don’t think I use my time as well as I believe I should and could. I spend a lot of time just stuck, without motion mentally. This usually happens after work and lasts for a few hours. It’s become a huge waste of time. I need to find a way to fix this, and soon.

– I want to do more mentoring work with my peers and my students. I think I get along well with my students in general. Perhaps too well, I’m at a point where I feel confident saying I know my students. To a point where I’m ok with my opinion being different than others, which happens frequently. However, I’m not sure I’m using that unique connection as effectively as possible in preparing newer academic entry points for my students. 1. I’m slippin. 2. I gotta get on that!

– I’m a complete goof at networking and socializing. It’s just not something I’m good at. Some people seem to have a really intimate grasp and understanding of that. And others don’t, at all. Which really just contributes to why I’m such a confused person to begin with. It’s a thing that I’m really trying to get better at. I’m just going at an awkwardly slow pace.

– I don’t connect with family and friends as often as I would like. It’s weird because I draw so much inspiration and value in who I am from my family and who they inspired me to become. We are a representation of the energy we absorb. I’m so grateful to have experienced and learned from the people in my life. For that I say thank you. But never enough.

– I love reading… my mind and eyes simply can’t consume as many books and thoughts as I would like them to take in. I’m experimenting with audio books and just audio in general. It may be a shift I soon have to make. The perfect listening time is during my transitions to and from work.

– A dream of mine would be to communicate as clearly as Malcolm. When he speaks I can visualize what he says, he made clear and vivid images, stories and points when he spoke. I always felt like I understood what the message was he was trying to send. Where as when I speak I repeat things a good three times and hope my students take away a tad bit from my lectures.

– I absolutely don’t ask probing questions. Part of it is a nature to just let you do you. And another is this assumption that you will share whatever you feel comfortable sharing. I don’t really dig for what isn’t given unless I’m compelled to. I’m starting to ask more questions just for the hell of it. But also feel like I have a long way to go especially in regards to my students.

– I don’t know what the I think about tenure right now, as in I don’t know if I’m looking to seek tenure. I mean… why?



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