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Where does this blog go from here?

So why did I stop? It never felt like I did. The creativity just shifted inward.

What once was a creative process that lived wholly online, evolved to a process that I kept closer to my heart. Closer to my chest. For numerous reasons I felt a certain gaze fall upon me. One that I wasn’t foreign to. I’ve always been peculiar, and people have gazed upon me as such. Never the less, it made me go inward with my creative exploration.

There have been many times I’ve thought about returning. Most times not knowing what to say. Many times drafting a post similar to this and scrapping somewhere between creation & proofing. I want today to be different. In full transparency, I NEED today to be different. The longer I wait to post on the blog, the longer it takes for me to unearth this once mighty tool of mine.

In my absence here on these pages. (Which soon will change) I’ve been working to really think about my business. My businesses. This blog was the beginning of my journey to being a self-employed media magnate, controlling multiple media entities leaving positive change in the wake of everywhere I ventured.

Through the years. So so much has changed. From my professions. My titles. My roles. My ownership. My internal battles. My confidence and strength. My love and self love. My security and structures. But what has remained the same was my drive to create something different. I know there is a different way. A way that I can care our for myself that helps me share my talents with the world. I know that this is a journey from one failure to the next. And baby let me tell you the failures are long, regular, ad routine.

But you know what. So are the wins. The failures are devastating, unexpected, ruthless, carefree. But on the flip side so are the opportunities, the achievements, the successes, the wins. Skoolhaze the blog has always been a space where I could come to challenge myself to be creative and innovative beyond anyone else’s measure. Its still that space. I’m not sure why I felt censored. But I did. Perhaps it was subconsciously self-imposed.

Personally, I was transitioning, through much internal transformation work.

My friend likes to say he’s all about that work. – You know, implying he’s all about that space where we learn and grow. The razor’s edge.  

This put me in situations and spaces where my voice had more “power” and maybe most importantly more eyes. I wanted to be mindful of what I said and how I said it. I wanted to be someone that walked while talking.

In that vein I can remember starting Skoolhaze nine years ago. In my apartment in Boston, a young man prepping to transition to New York City to enter a masters degree program, and the practice of teaching the youth.

Transformation can not be held back and restrained for long. At some point it must move forth into new territory. To claim new space and time.

Today, the goal is to reconfigure and reintroduce this Skoolhaze space. This space is now officially property of EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC. (EMC). EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC is a media company charged with cultivating the tools to help  leaders like you change the world! Our company was birthed here at the inception of the Skoolhaze pages. And it is our honor to acquire this foundational body as we build upon this legacy in our founders honor.

Through this partnership, EMC is establishing a publishing house for its free offerings and content to the public. We encourage you to subscribe to our page, and to return often as we make updates and changes to the sites skeleton to handle an increasing warehouse of content.

We want to thank everyone that has traveled with us thus far. We are excited for the next phase of our journey.

Paladin Jordan, Jr.

Owner, EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC



Published by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC 2019

Entrepreneurship Is The New Black: Counting Consulting Checks – BEDA Day 12 of 31

Entrepreneurship Is The New Black: Counting Consulting Checks

BEDA Day 12 of 31

Shout out to my mom. Today is her birthday. Love you pretty lady.


You’re looking at a check I received for some consulting work I completed this Spring.

Back Story:

I was never a fan of gloating about money. But, I did want to show you that the idea that you can turn YOUR idea into a hustle and a business. That is a real thing. Ya boy Paladin did it. And I promise you yall are so much more talented than me. This blog was a Launchpad for my creativity. And now I get paid, on top of my teaching salary, to perform my skills for folks!

I want yall to be able to do the same thing. I already know you’re talented enough to! Now we just gotta give you a little blueprint to get you started.

The past 2 years I’ve pushed to break into the workshop and consulting scene. In the past year, I also hopped on the opportunity to obtain my personal training license. As a result. I was a legit entrepreneur in this year of 30. I’ve managed to identify at least 3 sources of residual income that I can bring in for Empire.

How to read this:

I’m going to share 3 sources with you. While I can’t be certain the real reasons these ventures have turned into revenue streams in my life. I do plan to describe my intentions and short trajectory in each. Remember, think course roadmap. Use my journey, tweak it for YOUR use and purpose, and go kick them doors in yo! (See my post tomorrow to know why I’m oh so serious about this!)


Income Source 1 – Produce and Facilitate Workshops – I’ve run a handful of workshops over the past 2 years. To date I’ve run roughly 10 workshops ranging from 4 participants to 100 participants. My largest client to date has been my former graduate school.

Definition: A workshop is a presentation or performance in which a group of people are facilitated through a discussion or activity on a certain subject. Skills: Planning, Communicating with clients and audience, finding and modifying tools to share during workshop. Making any additional materials needed such Feedback survey, handouts, creating presentation PowerPoint/presentations, organizing photography and video collection. Training trying new types of workshops, not being afraid to work with large crowds, soliciting feedback from partners and collaborators. Income Type: Largest independent cashflow I receive. Currently have a bid out in the thousands. You’re invoicing here, which means you wont see your money for weeks, if not months down the line. Growth: Continue to search for larger audience. Develop partnerships with institutions to provide trainings and workshops for them. Learn additional skills and tools in the field. Start submitting to speak at more conferences.


Income Source 2 – Personal Training Sessions – Last Fall, I became a certified personal trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT). I’ve taken on the task of providing private personal training lessons.

Definition: A customized fitness lesson used to improve someone’s fitness levels. Fitness can include weightlifting, aerobics, cardio activities, body weight training, stretching, etc… (I’m sure I missed a few) Skills: Conversation, Workout/Lesson Planning, Strength Training Knowledge, Exercise Safety Knowledge, Ability to push clients, Knowledge and application of force on the body, charisma. Training: Teaching is daily training for this. Each session I tried to create new and unique programs from my own knowledge. Income Type: Fast turnover. One client: Four 45-60 minute trainings sessions over 2 weeks would bring in roughly $180 -$240. At one time I was juggling 4 clients. I was brining in over $1,000 a month – and I was playing. Growth: Finding ways to maximize my earning potential. Currently can only earn when I’m with a client physically. Want to develop programs that can be utilized without needing me to be present.

Income Source 3 – Graduate School Technical Assistance – I’ve done some consulting work with my former graduate school. This all began from developing a good name with some of my professors. I pushed to produce excellent work, and that work ethic has carried over into consulting opportunities.

Definition: Consulting is a very vague word. To me, it means providing a company/entity services they either can’t or don’t want to do themselves. There’s BREAD in that! And a lot of super valuable experience points. Skills: Consulting work can be anything. For me it looked like grading papers and giving feedback, giving classroom lectures, creating teaching tools for the school like writing prompts, running focus groups, reviewing work expectations with students, helping students develop masters portfolios, etc… Training: Consulting is training to me. It allows me to practice the things that I want to learn how to do better. Anything that I don’t want to do I can either say no, or do it anyway to learn a new skill. Income Type: Invoicing, have to wait for invoices to be processed by clients. For 10 hours of work, I’ve billed $500. Growth: In order to be successful I need to develop better relationships with clients, potential clients, and potential partners.


Each of these methods has been a great confidence booster for me. While I enjoy personal training the least. There was something about knowing that if I ever lost my job, I could pick up clients and be ensured a secure livelihood that gave me freedom and confidence. Each method has built my confidence and skills. And both are equally important to me!


Reflection Questions:

Have you thought about consulting/running your own business before?

What skills do you have right now that you KNOW you can sell for profit?

What do your friends always ask you to do for them, but you say no?

(People had been asking me to be their personal trainer for at least 6 years before I finally got out of my own way by saying no)

What do you do at work, that you can use in private to make a profit?


Tomorrow we find out about Limited Liability Companies and how to set them up. 😉

Drop your questions/thoughts in the comments! Lets make this an on-going discussion.

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