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Reading Comprehension Workshop Notes

On Wednesday I attended a reading comprehension workshop at my grad school. Luckily I had my iPad with me. I went along and ferociously typed notes as the presenter enlightened the crowd of tutors about the ins and outs of why so many students have difficulties with their reading. I figured it was an important time for me to start learning more about what my students challenges were. It was a really amazing 90 minutes. i walked away feeling as though I learned so much. I actually ran into the guy who runs a few educational programs for the university which was cool. We exchanged info and I also found out he was greek too. A Sigma to be exact. He was a former History teacher turned College Career Counselor. I gave him my card.¬†Told him about my efforts to help other young men of color understand some of the ins and outs of teaching in this type of environment, and grabbed his card in return. I’ve sent him an email thanking him again for welcoming me to the workshop, restated my goals I talked about the night before, and let him know that I have a college tour scheduled next week. And that it would be cool to introduce him to my students when they were on campus if he had time.

I’ve attached the notes in pdf form. Enjoy:¬†Reading Comprehension Workshop notes.examples

I also want to add that something I plan to do with my students is simplify the Casual factors for weakness in reading comprehension, and ask my students which area(s) they feel strong in, and which areas they feel are growth areas. It would help immensely if I knew what they thought their strengths and weaknesses were. It would help me go in with a more catered game plan as well a higher rate of buy in form my students. If I rememberI’ll share whatever I come up with.

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