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Image Makeovers to Maximize Your Earning Potential – BEDA Day 17 of 31

Image Makeovers to Maximize

Your Earning Potential

BEDA Day 17 of 31


Ok maybe I told a story in my video. I do have 2 suit-like items crumpled up in the bottom of my closet. I think…

I’ve felt skillful and capable of running a company of my own for again roughly two years now. But I’ve been self-conscious about my presentation. Presentation, to me includes many things, how your face, frame, attire look. How your materials look. Your body language, etc… Any and everything that people evaluate before they even think about buying or learning from you. I’ve been more so  worried that my simple nature and style was dampening my ability to fiercely communicate and take advantage of professional opportunities.

I want to take a second to recognize that confidence in yourself and your look is key to projecting an heir of success, skill, and capability. Personally, I feel like I have moved to a place where I’m essentially confident in myself. I’ve confronted and battled with the issues I’ve had with my face/photogenicness, my sometimey skin, my build, my presence, etc… While I have done the work to (continuously) believe in myself, I want to save the space for those of you who may not have done that work yet. Take inventory of your self-esteem. Do you feel comfortable and confident in what you bring when you walk into a room? If not – what can you begin to do to move closer to being confident in you? Battles with acne other self-confidence issues for me can now be solved with a fresh haircut and the understanding that the skills I bring into a room are needed and welcome as long as I create the space for them to exist.

Physical Presence: Have you ever been somewhere minding your own business… when all of a sudden someone walks in and you feel their power. Maybe its her big crown of natural hair that makes you feel it. Maybe its his cologne that you smell every time he motions or offers a point to the crowd. Whatever it is the physical presence and package we present to the world matters. Getting my bachelors in Public Relations you would really think that I would know this and by now. But…. I got super comfortable in my teaching clothes.

As stated in the video I dress like a kid. I don’t long to change how I dress. I get to wear very comfortable clothes teaching the kids everyday, lol. But, I know, or have felt for some time, that the joggers that make teaching so comfortable are also the clothes that make me less believable, less visible, and less sellable as an expert. Its gotten to the point now where I don’t even feel I have the appropriate clothes to attend formal or more prestigious events.


So, today I invested in some new professional clothes for fall. Items that make me feel powerful. That reinforce the idea that I am an expert and that I can meet my clients needs. Really the key here is to have a uniform of some sorts that I can goto that make me emanate power, prestige, knowledge, and integrity. I want to walk into a room and have people know that I’m capable of meeting their needs before I or they even speak.

Thanks to some help from my fashiony friends, I was able to drop by Zara and grab a nice, power suit for $250. I took my time to try int and many others on. I brought my dress shoes belt, and button up. I was prepared. I knew I needed to leave with something WOW-worthy, and I think I got it ;).

My bad for the late post today, but… I was pushing myself as an entrepreneur, and looking polished and put together in public was the next most important thing on my list to handle.



– What does your look say about you?
– Does it say you’re confident? Does it present you in your cleanest and most confident light?
– What are some areas you’ve thought about refining to improve your self-esteem, and business?


BEDA = Blog Every Day in August

Oh wait, I’m a second year teacher now

Oh wait, I’m a second year teacher now

SkoolHaze Classroom Purge

Ok, so my goal is to actually get this post out. I’ve tried to write this two times before this and I just ended up trailing off in a blur.

Life is so different for me now than it was for two full years ago. You see, I’ve realized that the time I spent in Boston is a memory now for me. For so long Boston was my life, it’s finally dawned on me that I’ve been in NYC long enough to have created new memories. And in order to do so I often pull back to my time and experiences in Boston. The Bean really was a starter city to prep me for East coast living. Now, being a near two year resident. I can even begin to pull on early experiences living in the city to help push me through to bigger and better with my future. I know that sounds weird – but I want to create history. I’ll say it, even though I feel like its one of those things they don’t like to hear black people say. Of course, my boy Kanye agrees.

kanye genius skoolhaze

We read Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in my Sophomore English class this cycle. I love reading about Black/African history. It enriches my soul. Imagine that we’re all sitting around making our own history, stories that people will read and learn from and engage with and write about…etc… LoL. I mean, I definitely want this blog to be a part of that history. Y’all can think I’m crazy. I don’t even care anymore. #Kanyeshrug

I read it (The Narrative) for a second time this summer during my reading marathon. That was really dope by the way, and I can’t wait to do it again this summer. One of the books I’m really excited to get into is Introduction to African Civilizations by John G. Jackson. I got to steal some time and read the first two chapters a few weeks ago during winter break. I was a HUGE Discovery/History Channel/Documentary person growing up. I’ve heard stories about the evolution of humans, but conveniently I’ve never heard much about how this evolution took place on the African Continent. The early chapters of the book discuss this evolution and actually use really engaging language that is easy to understand and follow.  In a nutshell it talked about how pre-humans evolved into barbaric humans. Then how barbaric humans turned into civilized humans living in ever growing groups that turned into actual civilizations. It also talks about how humankind went from being a matriarchal society to patriarchal society.

Introduction to African Civilizations John G Jackson Skoolhaze

Speaking of making history…. I mean making historically wise decisions for myself. I’m facing a tough situation at work – again (see Schoolhouse Blues). Long story short I feel like admin has taken aim on me over some bullshit. She wasn’t happy with my peroformance, and as a result gave me some very low marks on my evaluation. The difference between this time and last time is I was actually prepared to talk about it and call her evidence into question. Our last few meetings have looked like this –

Skoolhaze Grapple

I feel like I’ve stepped into a battlefield over the past two weeks, and most folks are recklessly aiming somewhere in my vicinity. Work is a mess man. Classes are ending, Classes are starting, teams are changing to frame a bit of it. The amazing difference is that I actually know my value now and have been far less hesitant giving my opinion on why things that affect my work are the way they are.

I made a conscious effort to wake up and have an amazing and jam-packed Friday. And I was pretty successful. Outside of all of the other trimester ending activities listed about, I had an early morning IEP meeting that almost didn’t happen do to scheduling and communication challenges. IEP’s were one of the most daunting things to figure out 2 years ago. The paperwork behind the scenes is still a nightmare – and to be honest one of the few areas where the powers that be try to act as though I’m incompetent. None the less, the meeting went very well and was probably one of my strongest to date. I made a quick smartboard presentation that helped the fluency of the meeting. I may try to upload the pres once I wipe all the personal information.

Most importantly… and the only thing I’ve really been trying to share over the past few weeks is that I’ve FINALLY made my first curriculum. My post graduate prep course has finally finished its first iteration. I remember back in Boston there used to be all this talk about making a curriculum or finding curriculums that spoke specifically to the students were dealing with back then. Talk about being lost! I’ve finally made my first real curriculum and it feels great. The curriculum as is is far from perfect and there’s plenty of room for growth. But having the skeleton feels amazing! Some of the things I’m looking forward to incorporating this time around is more creative writing, more critical thinking, more activities, more take home resources, more technology skill development, and… better resources in general. If you know any 😉 def send them my way.

I cant think of much more to say. And of course, this was sooo much better in my head. But oh well. Just like the gym sometimes you just gotta get in there to get the kinks out so that next time things turn out even better.