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Proof of a Mentality Shift: “I’ve come so far vs I have so far to go!”

Proof of a Mentality Shift:

“I’ve come so far vs I have so far to go!”


n32302230_31383463_1268-1I’m sitting here in my dimly lit cabin on the Laguardia tarmac. The breeze stream is hitting nice and crisp in the face. I had my eyes closed and was bound to fall asleep. But the breeze reminds me to be in my present.

I’m here, headed to Indianapolis and Terre haute, Indiana, for a homecoming ceremony. In so many ways I’m returning to the scene of my manhood training. The place and time where I became who I am.

I immediately began to think about the track team. Sitting in my chair, I ran over my talking points. And how I need to email them to the coaches. How I needed to ask them to have paper and pencils ready for the team. Just as a back up… I’m actually more interested in them taking notes in their phones and sending it to one to two accountability partners. Someone to hear and open them up beyond their limits and dreams.

Its sentimental yo! This all started on a whim. I can remember when I used to daydream about coming back and supporting the team in some way, shape, or form. Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my young life, I feel started when I was accepted and embraced on this team as a scholarship and talented athlete. I remember early in my professional journeys knowing that opportunities were opened to me only because of the space track held on my resume.

I’m stunned and a bit overwhelmed that not only do I get to talk to some of the current track beasts on the yard. But I also get to bring my homies with me! Two of my frat brothers, and my pledge daughter are gonna be in the house sharing and re-nourishing the community we grew up and bonded in. I’m so proud and honored that they’re even willing to rock with me and take a break from the festivities to put in that work!



Speaking of frat… my line brothers, the seven of us together, will be back together, for the first time, since we were even “introduced”. SUPREMACY, the Alpha Boys whose name alone caused a slight uproar, is finally re-forming on our Voltron steez. April 10, 2005 is the day we were introduced to the yard – and from that night, we’ve appeared in chunks and in sections, but never in our final form.


I’m so happy to share this with y’all. These boys turned men – supported me in becoming the man I am today! My Guys, my Sandz, my Brothers, my Everything are coming back. I’m nervous and relieved. These are the kats that I slept in storefront basements with. On cardboard boxes and potato sacks. Like where the fuck did we find potato sacks at!?!?! My boys is who I learned “Will yourself through – until you find a way!” with and from.

We have been through so much, and what makes me proud and fortified is that, we were broken by our achievements. My line brothers worked their fucking asses off yo! These dudes graduated, found jobs, relocated, re-educated and remodeled their lives relent-lessly! We learned a hustle together and… if my success and drive is a proof of anything it’s that Supremacy, the Jewel Line from Zeta Rho Death Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha, Incorporated indeed live(d) up to their name!

Seeing brothers, and the extended family they provided for me will be the blessing of the year. (As they continue to roll in one after the other)



“I’ve come so far” – is what I felt at Indiana State University. It was a useful way to think and be back then 2003 – 2007. I operated from a stance of aw and uber appreciation for everything I was given.

“I have so far to go!” – is the moniker I’m shifting to now. It’s whats pushed me to multitask and trust myself to push my limits even while I’m away. I have two workshops and community gatherings scheduled this weekend. I’m here in this earth to make moves. I’m here on this earth to push my talents. And I’m so happy to be coming back to the place that taught me all of this prepared to do even more for the community that when I first left!



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