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Mind Pillar by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC

Mind Pillar by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC

Mind by Edge-ucational Media Company is tasked with sharing tools for leaders like you to change your life by giving you greater access and control over your own knowledge acquisition and skill development. We know that a well conditioned and purposed mind is a precursor to making powerful personal and neighborhood change.

Out goal is to provide you with the resources necessary to mastery your most passionate desires in an effort to make a better change here on Earth. Through EMC’s support and guidance we will share tools, services, books, video, and other training materials, workshops, coaching, and curriculum development products.

With these tools we encourage and support your creating world-rippling positive change. We welcome your patronage as we continue to engage in research and experimentation.

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Soul Pillar by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC

Soul by Edge-ucational Media Company, LLC is tasked with sharing tools for leaders like you tto change your life in the spaces of your self-belief, self-empowerment, and agency over your life. We know that a well-nurtured self is a precursor to making personal and neighborhood change.

Our goals is to provide you with the resources necessary to master the belief that you matter! And that your unique voice & talent is needed here on Earth. Through EMC’s support and guidance we will share tools, services, books and videos and other training materials, workshops, coaching and curriculum development.

With these tools we encourage and support you creating world-rippling positive change. We welcome your patronage as we continue to engage in research and experimentation.

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Body Pillar by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC

Body Pillar, by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC is tasked with sharing tools for leaders like you to change your life in the spaces of your health, fitness, and wellness. We know that a well taken care of vessel is the most important precursor to making powerful personal and neighborhood change.

Our goal is to provide you with the resources necessary to master your health journey. Through EMC’s support and guidance, we will share tools, services, books, videos, and other training materials, workshops, coaching, and curriculum design.

With these tools we encourage and support you creating positive change! We welcome you to join us as we continue our journey of research and experimentation in this realm.

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Where does this blog go from here?

So why did I stop? It never felt like I did. The creativity just shifted inward.

What once was a creative process that lived wholly online, evolved to a process that I kept closer to my heart. Closer to my chest. For numerous reasons I felt a certain gaze fall upon me. One that I wasn’t foreign to. I’ve always been peculiar, and people have gazed upon me as such. Never the less, it made me go inward with my creative exploration.

There have been many times I’ve thought about returning. Most times not knowing what to say. Many times drafting a post similar to this and scrapping somewhere between creation & proofing. I want today to be different. In full transparency, I NEED today to be different. The longer I wait to post on the blog, the longer it takes for me to unearth this once mighty tool of mine.

In my absence here on these pages. (Which soon will change) I’ve been working to really think about my business. My businesses. This blog was the beginning of my journey to being a self-employed media magnate, controlling multiple media entities leaving positive change in the wake of everywhere I ventured.

Through the years. So so much has changed. From my professions. My titles. My roles. My ownership. My internal battles. My confidence and strength. My love and self love. My security and structures. But what has remained the same was my drive to create something different. I know there is a different way. A way that I can care our for myself that helps me share my talents with the world. I know that this is a journey from one failure to the next. And baby let me tell you the failures are long, regular, ad routine.

But you know what. So are the wins. The failures are devastating, unexpected, ruthless, carefree. But on the flip side so are the opportunities, the achievements, the successes, the wins. Skoolhaze the blog has always been a space where I could come to challenge myself to be creative and innovative beyond anyone else’s measure. Its still that space. I’m not sure why I felt censored. But I did. Perhaps it was subconsciously self-imposed.

Personally, I was transitioning, through much internal transformation work.

My friend likes to say he’s all about that work. – You know, implying he’s all about that space where we learn and grow. The razor’s edge.  

This put me in situations and spaces where my voice had more “power” and maybe most importantly more eyes. I wanted to be mindful of what I said and how I said it. I wanted to be someone that walked while talking.

In that vein I can remember starting Skoolhaze nine years ago. In my apartment in Boston, a young man prepping to transition to New York City to enter a masters degree program, and the practice of teaching the youth.

Transformation can not be held back and restrained for long. At some point it must move forth into new territory. To claim new space and time.

Today, the goal is to reconfigure and reintroduce this Skoolhaze space. This space is now officially property of EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC. (EMC). EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC is a media company charged with cultivating the tools to help  leaders like you change the world! Our company was birthed here at the inception of the Skoolhaze pages. And it is our honor to acquire this foundational body as we build upon this legacy in our founders honor.

Through this partnership, EMC is establishing a publishing house for its free offerings and content to the public. We encourage you to subscribe to our page, and to return often as we make updates and changes to the sites skeleton to handle an increasing warehouse of content.

We want to thank everyone that has traveled with us thus far. We are excited for the next phase of our journey.

Paladin Jordan, Jr.

Owner, EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC



Published by EDGE-ucational Media Company, LLC 2019

Black Men and Relationship Building – BEDA Day 18 of 31

Black Men and Relationship Building

BEDA Day 18 of 31


There is a struggle here. Something I’ve struggled to put into the words that even feel appropriate enough to share in a public space.

I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone except Black Men, but we struggle with relationship building. I think I get a double dose of it as a SGL (same-gender-loving) guy. I see and analyze interactions a bit differently than my straight and gay identified counterparts.

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I shared the story of my neighbor (in the video) because it just befuddles me how, after realizing that you stay in the same building with someone, you can see them on the street and look past them, regularly. Like imagine me walking on the street, walking past the guy who lives in my building. Looking him dead in his face/eyes, giving a head nod, and him carrying on with his business. This specific interaction with this guy has happened… enough to the point where now I just laugh when I see him. I walked past him on the street yesterday, and he just looked at me, and I just shook my head and laughed.

To be clear, Black men aren’t the only people who struggle with relationships. But as a Black man, I’m most impacted and struggle with talking about and dealing with my relationships with other Black men – the most. Sometimes I think I’m too open and friendly and invested in the idea that everyone is a great and valuable person.

But I also know that part of our own downfall is our inability to recognize the strengths and value we can place in each other. Like the super duper gutter petty part of me wants my neighbor to be locked out or just need something that only I can give him one day. I really want to challenge myself to reach to my inner depths of petty to just ignore the fuck out of him and rub salt in his face for his inability to get out of his own way and open the door for… at the very least a platonic acknowledgement of existence… Something other than us walking past each other every damn day day ignorant of what we may actually be able to add to each others’ lives. If that day ever comes I’m kind of mad that I know I’ll probably choose to be bigger and just, engage. Even though at this point, I don’t want to.

I just really worry about us sometimes. Beyond the present – like no one really gives a damn about me and my neighbor’s relationship. But as a cultural…thing – like why are we so good at pushing each other away? Why do we value each other so little? Some of y’all may not be able to relate to the specific situations, but I wanna challenge you to think about areas in your own life where this may be applicable. I know that while I’m focusing on my neighbor here, and more loosely my ex and other men I’ve just had to deal with in life. I too am responsible for overlooking Black men in my life. Constricting myself to a “certain group” of people that I feel are acceptable to bless with my presence, and my friendship. Communicating in a way that shows certain men they are valuable to me and others that they aren’t.

What do strong relationships look like for you and the Black Men in your life? How do we develop relationships where we trust each other and support each other just as human beings here on Earth? Is that too lofty to think about?

I know its not, but I just wonder sometimes how we can make this different. We have so much to offer each other. How do we each begin to do the work to cross the bridge to connect? I don’t believe in a powerful and fully capable world where Black Men don’t and can’t connect with each other. I don’t want to live in a world were that is the only reality that exists. I’m sure I’m not the only one.



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BEDA = Blog Every Day in August

5 Things to know before starting your Limited Liability Company (LLC) – BEDA Day 13 0f 31

5 Things to know before starting your

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – 

BEDA Day 13 of 31


This weekend, at my training that I’ve referenced many times. I spent a good 15 minutes talking to one of my friends about her LLC. How she started it in Atlanta to do her community development work. She said it only cost her $50, and that now that she was in the NYC, she was thinking about having it transferred over.

Ever since that conversation, I knew that I too had to get my LLC. I made the goal to grab it before the end of the month. I couldn’t wait that long though.

I went on the NY State website, and was supposed to be printing out pages for references and research…. The very first page asks you for the name of your business. It checks it against the state registry. I hadn’t fully thought of a name yet. I have probably 100 different names I’ve written down and gotten test logos for.

I entered SkoolHaze LLC… It was available

At this point, I gave myself the freedom to jump in head first into what is sure to be a new arm of the journey for me.


1 – Have a business idea or two or three. You can check my post from yesterday to see my three personal methods of creating business for myself. Your methods will look different than mine. But just have some.


2 – Do your research. I was making this post…. And I realized very quickly that I didn’t know anything about starting an LLC. Not enough to share with readers. Do enough research until you feel you know enough to make a decision. I applied for my LLC 2 days ago, I still don’t know everything, but I knew enough to know that I needed to take the next step in my journey.

Let’s take a second to learn a few things together:

1.3.12_LLC-590x2303 Forming-an-LLC-in-Flroida-22


3 – Know Your State’s Requirements.

Each state is vastly different. I’ve made a little table to demonstrate for you. Be sure to check your state’s official listings. However, you can jump to this link to do some quick and dirty research for the 4 basics: Filing Fee, Online Application, Publication Requirements, Annual Report.

Check your states info here: this link is just a reference apply DIRECTLY through your State gov’s website)

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.25.14 PM

4 – Talk to your peers and clients.

I’ve had quite a few conversations with my peers who talk about getting their LLC. How its helped open doors for their businesses. I’ve also had conversations with quite a few potential partners that spoke about wanting to do business with other people that “have their paperwork in order”


5 – Give yourself the freedom to begin new journeys!

I have been pondering for roughly 2 years about this business mess. How do I start it? What’s the right structure? When will I start saving money. What if I don’t sign up the right way? What if I choose the wrong name? I’m want to wait until my business is fully mature. I should wait until I’m out of school….

Nah – give yourself the FREEDOM to live. If you’ve been thinking about a business for a minute, and you know you have some balls rolling in the market. Be adventurous, take a chance on yourself, and jump in.

I actually didn’t have the money for my Limited Liability Corporation. I allowed myself to get caught up in the application and used some money from my savings. It was $200, so I knew I could cover it. But I knew I was going to feel the hit until I could replace what I had taken out of my savings. I returned home, later that evening to a $500 consulting check (I talk about it here)…

Let the energy of the universe take you on a cosmic journey!

Hopefully this helps.


There are missing points. If you have questions leave them in the comments!

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Knowledge Hacking: The 100-Page Manual To Master Your Craft & Unleash Your Powers To Get In Action To Success!

Knowledge Hacking: 100 Page Manual To Master Your Craft, Unleash Your Power, and Get In Action Toward Success

Early Reflections: Black Male Empowerment Gathering 2

Early Reflections: Black Male Empowerment

Gathering 2

A lot of educators in the room. Both the first and second gathering was filled mostly by educators. I’m curious to know what draws us to these events. I’ve also been unsuccessful drawing and maintaining the attention of non education centered folks. What work can I do to better engage this audience?

I’ve realized that this is difficult to do. I was explaining to a friend that I’m entering a new phase in my skillset, in my work. I’m leaving a phase of education and learning via graduate school and learning a new industry and field of education. I’m not in a creation phase. Trying to create an educational vestige in my own image. Its hard. Its overwhelming. It’s humbling. It makes taking constructive criticism so much more difficult to hear and implement. I’m in a space where I’m re-nervous. Re-insecure of my moves and actions.thinking

People wonder why I’m doing this. What’s the mission? What’s the point? I haven’t developed a clear concise answer for them yet. But I know that the space is necessary and so I’m still trying to carve it out and save it while we figure out what language to prop it up and ground it in.

There have been a variety of men who have attended for a variety of purposes. Coming from many different stages of life and hoping to reap various benefits from such a gathering. My mind is focusing on usefulness. Making the space useful and beneficial for the participants. I think we’re getting there. Again I probably need to expose myself to language from other organizers as they worked to define the specs of their work.

Some more positive reflections is that we stuck to our 2-hour agenda window. That felt good considering some of the feedback of our last one was the difficult position we put attendees in when we went over time. Ending on time actually allowed for natural networking to take place at the end between the men in attendance.

Teacher moves are still on point and applicable. I had forgotten a chord to hook my mac up to the University smart board. Luckily there was a computer already in the room, but I didn’t know the password. With about 20 minutes to go I started frantically making flipchart of all the slides. I was just about done with the flipchart and rearranging a few pieces on the agenda when with 2 minutes to spare we got the password for the classroom computer. I made all of the materials available on Google Drive so it was just a matter of signing in an cueing the materials up from there. I felt good knowing that in the time of a crisis I didn’t panic, came up with an alternative plan and rocked with it whole heartedly in the spur of the moment. That’s absolutely what’s needed.

I must say that I was a bit shocked that it was time to have the second gathering. I was overwhelmed with work. Trying to have a somewhat full personal life. Still readjusting from traveling overseas, and… just drained. I had very little time to properly publicize the event. Luckily, I opened a MeetUp group with supported the engagement of interested community members.

I’m excited to work on the publicity in the future as I know it’s not my strongest area. Which is a perfect segue into two of the most pressing pieces of the work to date. Finding a Name for the group, Determining a mission, and Figuring out the proper Branding. This part is the biggest headache. Probably because I have my undergraduate Public Relations training pushing against my Education training. I absolutely know the importance of a strong image and marketing portfolio. However, I feel like that can easily be developed once I have a strong foundation and understanding of my curriculum and community services. It’s the battle of which one do I focus on first.

Next Gathering:

BlackAcademyCommunityEmpowerment Flyer3

Register for free:http://tinyurl.com/EmpoweredBM3

Join our Meetup Groupwww.meetup.com/EmpoweredBlackMale