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Subject: Alternative Teaching Certificate Programs

Hey all – It hit me a few days ago that most of the Teaching Certificate programs are now accepting applications for their new cohorts. A while ago I sent this email to a friend who was thinking about taking the plunge hisself into a teaching certificate program. I suggest doing a bit of research and seeing if this is for you. Its been the greatest-most rewarding challenge I’ve ever taken.

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Subject: Alternative Teaching Certificate Programs

Date: April 5, 2012


Yo,  forgot to send you this the other day –

Here are a few different teaching certificate programs that you can look into. Long story short these programs put people on an accelerated path to get their necessary state teaching certifications/licenses. Then they place them in high needs schools, generally low income/urban classrooms. The fellows teach in difficult to staff subject areas such as science, English, math, and special education. You teach in a K-12 classroom during the day time, and take classes toward a masters degree in education at night. Here are some pretty good videos you can look at if you want to see first hand accounts of the New York program. I have a feeling most of the others are pretty similar:


This is a very short list of some of the more popular programs. But there are many programs like this out there. You can search anything similar to “alternative teaching certificate programs indianapolis” “teaching fellowships chicago” to find local programs.

Teach for America – http://www.teachforamerica.org/
New York City Teaching Fellows – https://www.nycteachingfellows.org/Default.asp
Indianapolis Teaching Fellows – http://indianapolisteachingfellows.ttrack.org/
Chicago Teaching Fellows – http://chicagoteachingfellows.ttrack.org/
Philadelphia Teaching Fellows – http://philadelphiateachingfellows.ttrack.org/

Let me know if you have questions about anything.

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